Ever wondered:

  • What are smart grids?
  • Why smart grids are needed ?
  • How they will reduce CO2 emissions?
  • What new services will they enable?

Join us to find out the difference between a ‘smart’ grid and a normal electricity grid and the extra equipment that is needed, the information that must flow within a smart grid and between the entities in a smart grid and customer devices, the players who are already investing billions to try to dominate the industry, and BT’s potential role if it’s willing to make the investment.

Keith Dickerson, Director of Climate Associates Ltd with several key positions of influence in standards, has kindly agreed to come and share his knowledge and understanding on this hot topic. Keith was former Head of Standards of BT, and provided direction to BT’s international standards activities, working closely with senior management to identify the key standards required to support 21CN. Keith is a member the Board of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and champions Smart Grids as part of his strategy role.