BT's Phil Lennard running a team building exercise

BT's Phil Lennard running a team building exercise

Adastral Park hosted 40 students from around the UK in a three-day ‘Mashup Camp’ this week where they learnt to apply leading edge technology to solve business problems in new ways.

Described as a ’mini technology-related business degree in three days’, the Entrepreneurial Engineering Course was designed to teach business and entrepreneurial skills. It comprised of learning and ‘hands-on’ sessions in business skills, marketing, finance, debating skills and technology development. The aim was to build a new product that is complete and ready to take to market.

The students gave up time in their school holidays to attend, so they are highly motivated and keen to learn. During the event, they formed competing teams to come up with new innovative ideas for how to use new technology. The tutors, coaches and judges were all from either BT or the Smallpeice Trust. The SmallPeice Trust is an independent charity providing exciting programmes to promote engineering careers to young people. East Anglian chartered accountants Ensors from Ipswich were also involved. 

Phil Lennard of BT, who led the event, said: “Both the Smallpeice Trust and BT are very committed to developing young people’s skills in engineering and technology. The level of interest in ICT in schools needs to be kick-started and this was a great way of doing just that. We hope that the students left with a real understanding of how exciting and rewarding technology and hands-on software development can be”.

Louise Duncan of the Smallpeice Trust said: “This was a great event last year when we ran it first with BT, and this year was even better. We really can see how this hands-on approach can really invigorate the students’ enthusiasm and creativity.”