The aim of the FMC Roadshow is to present Huawei’s business and service propositions, spanning terminals, network, application software and services, and introducing the concept of “Ultra Broadband, Brightening Future” sharing with you our insights on Fixed & Mobile Broadband solutions and evolution.

The FMC Roadshow will be delivered via Huawei’s new large demonstration trailer at Adastral Park, in the car park in front of B42, (see eMap). Subject matter experts will be on hand at the Roadshow and for any follow-up sessions. We will have three zones comprising:

Smart Experience: The combination of “Terminal” & “Cloud”; Building new business models supporting;
* Open SDP platform, fast TTM, support for the future App store, OTT and other flexible business models.
* Exhibition the best user experience face to end customer through home gateway show rich serves.

Single Network: Maximising Network value; Minimising Network infrastructure;
* Simplification / optimization of network infrastructure, reducing bandwidth costs
* Future-proofed network solutions. Supporting smooth evolution to FMC network, reduced investment and risks.
* Easy management; easy deployment; fast TTM

Successful Transformation:Including smooth network evolution; Network transformation and VAS;
* ICT evolution: CDN, Cloud Case
* IT evolution case
* All IP transformation case