As you’ll know, we’ve taken a challenge this year to reduce our energy savings across Adastral Park by £1 million. This is a big figure and activities both large and small will make a difference to achieving it. So far we’ve reduced our consumption by £502k over the first 5 months of 11/12 – this is a great start but as we pick off the easy things, it’s only going to get harder from here on in. Here’s a couple of examples of things that we’re doing that will make a difference:

  • We have a team of people auditing our IT estate at Adastral – they’re working on switching off as much unused kit as possible (for example – servers). They may have already contacted you if you’re listed as a business owner of some of the equipment. It would help the audit team if you could actively take the time to look at the kit you’re responsible for, check whether it is running anything business critical, and if not ask them to arrange for it to be switched off. You can contact them on 0870 850 2898 – switching off redundant kit is one of the things that will make a huge difference to our energy saving across BT, and here at Adastral we’re pioneering this approach, which will be rolled out across many of our other buildings in the UK over the coming months.
  • Small things also make a difference – we recently heard about Simon Jones, who was recognised recently as an energy star in BT Operate for what he’s been doing at Adastral. He identified a number of energy reduction opportunities including regularly reporting building faults that waste energy, asking for unnecessary cosmetic lighting and daytime car park lighting to be switched off, and for lights to operate on sensors rather than switches. You can read his full story here:

This month our request to everyone at Adastral is to take stock of both the big things and the little things that everyone can do on a daily basis to reduce energy – switch off things you don’t need, and check if you have equipment you don’t need to have running.