After just five months the Adastral Park energy teams have managed to make savings of £502k. We urgently need your assistance to help us achieve our £1m target by 31 March 2012. Every little bit helps if we all made just a small contribution – and if you are responsible for any network and server equipment you can make a greater difference, such as turning off un-used ports, slowing down the speed of cards, turning off equipment if not in use, or ceasing equipment fully if no longer required.

The IT Audit team are holding a drop in session in the Hub on Thursday 26 January for you to come and talk, understand what is required, register suggestions, get advice and ideas from the team to help you help us.

At the drop in you will be able to find out:

  • How to get Salsa / Supportal updated
  • How to decommission equipment easily
  • How to dispose of unwanted equipment
  • How the online energy charts for the site can be used to see what impact you are having
  • The amount of money we’ve spent on power and air conditioning equipment that we didn’t need this year
  • What you can do to help reduce our IT energy bill

In the meantime if you would like to become involved and help with this challenge, please contact the IT audit team on 0870 850 2898.