Changing Faces is a charity that supports and represents people of any age who have a disfigurement (or a “visible” difference in their appearance) from any cause, whether congenital or acquired through an accident, surgery, etc. Representatives from Changing Faces will be in the Hub at lunchtime on Monday 6 February to answer questions.

The work of the charity involves;
1. Providing support for children, young people, adults and their families through the charities counselling services, to help with the psychological and social aspects of disfigurement.
2. Working with schools & employers to ensure a culture of inclusion, and with health and social care professionals to provide better psychological care for people with disfigurements.
3. Campaigning for better policies and practices that are inclusive of people with disfigurements and for social change by working with the media, government and opinion leaders.

Changing faces website.