A group of teachers and parents have been developing the vision for a ground-breaking school in Suffolk for 3-18 year olds. In February 2012 they submitted a proposal to the Department for Education to open a Free School in September 2013. The proposal has been shortlisted and they are now preparing their case for the next stage.

Their approach will be based on Steiner’s view of child development with a matching Waldorf curriculum that inspires children with learning that meets the childrens’ interests and all-round needs at any given time. There are many parallels with the successful approaches adopted by Scandinavian education systems such as Finland and Denmark. The integrated use of the Arts and the outdoors will be a distinctive feature of the school and a well-proven means to support excellent educational outcomes.

 By supporting them you can help to ensure there is another school in the area for you to choose from.  Parents can sign up via www.fullfledgeschool.co.uk  and visit the Fullfledge Ecology School group Facebook page.  Come and find out more by visiting the Hub at lunchtime on 10 May.