Martlesham Scout Group for the last few years has linked with some of the Ipswich groups as well as Kesgrave to provide a Christmas card delivery to residents in postcode area IP1-IP5 & IP12. Over the years new groups and villages have been incorporated into the main sort, these now include Claydon, Barham, Grundisburgh, Tuddenham, Henley, Westerfield, Balham, Bramford, Great and Little Bealings. Please don’t try to send cards to other parts of the country and abroad as they simply will not get delivered!

 For 2012 the price per card is 20p and all money is split between all the groups on a 50/50 split. The exception to this is where cards are placed in boxes for the relevant area that is responsible for them, that group keeps the 20p. For example: if you write cards for friends in Martlesham the all the money from those cards stays with Martlesham scouts.

 We take cards of any size for the 20p price and all we ask is that they are correctly addressed, if possible include the postcode as, if we can’t find an address we can use the postcode to trace it. Likewise if an address is not quite readable then we can also attempt to trace it using the postcode.  Please place the 20p inside an envelope and place in the post box.

 The Scout post box will be located in the hub between 25 November to 11 December. Cards will be delivered by 24 December