The Adastral Work Inspiration event for Suffolk schools will take place between Monday 2 March and Friday 6 March 2015.

This will be the 6th year the event has been running and we’re looking for volunteers to help deliver this fantastic experience. Anyone who works at Adastral Park is eligible to volunteer, including non-BT companies, subject to your individual organisation’s consent. Teams of volunteers are also welcome if you can encourage your colleagues to join in too.

This year more than 800 Y9-12 students from 10 local high schools will be taking part. If you have an interest in volunteering on the day your local school will be attending these are planned to be:

  • Monday 2 March [FULL]
    – St Albans (Suffolk): 163 year 9 students
  • Tuesday 3 March  [FULL]
    – Suffolk One: 70 year 12 students
    – Westbourne Academy: 41 year 9 students
    – 40 places remaining
  • Wednesday 4 March
    – Copleston High: 70 year 9 students
    – Kesgrave High: 40 year 10 students
    – 40 places remaining
  • Thursday 5 March [FULL]
    – Ipswich Academy: 150 year 9 students
  • Friday 6 March [FULL]
    – Ormiston Denes Academy: 48 year 8 students
    – Sir John Leman High School: 25 students
    – Kesgrave High: 40 year 9 students
    – Stowmarket High: 40 year 9 students

Why should I do this?
It’s your chance to make a difference to the lives of local school children, you can count the day as a BT Volunteering day and you can use it as an opportunity to improve you and your team’s motivational and communication skills…….oh yes, it’s great fun too!  Why not volunteer your whole team and deliver an alternative team meeting?

What will I be expected to do on the day?
We’ll be running 10 fun and engaging workshops simultaneously, covering a broad range of skills and activities. You’ll be in charge of delivering and/or supporting these 40 minute workshops.  The workshops themselves will be set up for you and you’ll be given the option to be trained in running these prior to the event. No specific experience is necessary.

  • Openreach – BT Apprentices give hands on demonstrations of cables / joint boxes etc etc. [Lead Matthew Burke]
  • Customer Requirements – Building a bridge that has specific requirements.
  • Supply Chain – 4 groups of students interacting to deliver goods from production to customer effectively.
  • Teamwork – Groups have to build a jigsaw that other groups have some of the pieces for.
  • Words For Work – Pairs of students describe patterns that the other has to draw. Then there is a Logo Challenge highlighting brand power.
  • Lost At Sea – Students are presented with a disaster situation in which they have to prioritise wreckage items that might help them.
  • Apprenticeships – BT Apprentices to explain what BT Apprenticeships look and feel like. [Lead Josh Finbow]
  • CV Workshop – An introduction to CV’s, their importance and tips on how to create a good one.
  • All About Me – Understanding your personality. Using famous people as examples, a process leads the students to a personality type and explanation of how that personality can help them secure work.
  • BT Sport –  To be populated by BT Sport Personnel. [Lead Jamie Mullan]

What is the time commitment?
Each event will run for one day, between approx 10:00-16:00.  You can volunteer for as many days as you wish, just agree it with your line manager first.

What do I wear?
We ask that all employees turn up to events in the clothing they would wear for their everyday work.  This includes formal uniforms if applicable.

Will I need a CRB/DBS check?
No, you will not need a CRB/DBS check to participate in this event.

What happens next?
You’ll be contacted in during  with further details and next steps.

To register for your preferred day(s) or for any queries please e-mail  Andrew Cassy or Ali Howard.