Knowing a few simple numbers about yourself, such as your weight and your blood pressure, could make you healthier and happier. It could also help you live longer.

That’s because research shows that the more you know your numbers, the more likely you are to change them.

So why not come along to one of our Roadshows to find out why knowing your numbers could really add up to a whole new you.

The sessions will run from 11am to 2pm and you will be able to come along and get advice, pick up leaflets on blood pressure, cholesterol, healthy eating, etc. and also get information on how to stop smoking.

Support and advice at each Roadshow will vary but many will have a health professional in attendance to provide on the spot mini health checks, i.e. weight and blood pressure. Some will also have a Smoking Cessation Advisor to help provide support and also signpost to local services for those who wish to give up smoking.

The roadshow will be visiting Adastral Park on Tuesday 29 January, from 11.00-14.00, with Health professionals. Please pop by and see us.