Come along to the Hub and meet with Frame on Wednesday 27 March

Frame Communications Ltd has over 20 years of experience in the Data and Telecommunications market place.  Frame supplies a wide range of Telecoms Datacoms Test and Management Solutions to Network Operators, Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, Field Support Groups, Installers, Test Houses and End Users.  The Company aims to provide unrivalled products, consultancy and support services covering technologies that include; SS7, ISDN, Analogue, TDM, VoIP, Media, IMS, LTE, Wireless, WiFi/WiMax, 10G/40G, Femto Cell, Ethernet, IP, SDH, ATM and OTN, xDSL, Broadband, CATV.   Applications include: Protocol Testing, Load generation, Network monitoring, QOS, Transmission and Transport testing, Test Access/Grooming and Aggregation.