Since starting in 1993, more than £880,000 has been contributed by BT staff and donated to registered UK charities at the bequest of members of Helping Hand – the BT staff charity fund at Adastral Park. These contributions have been boosted thanks to the BT GAYE contribution, to allow over £880,000 to be given to charity. We are inviting new members to join, and existing members to consider increasing their contribution, with the aim of giving out an amazing £1m grand total by our 25th anniversary.

In the past two year alone, 71 charity cheques have been written for a total of £44,396. Recent donation requests have been made for many good causes including Families in Need to coincide with the Foodbank launch at the site, the British Heart Foundation after the sudden and unexpected loss of a colleague on site as well as the most popular charities attending the Christmas Market as voted on by the visitors.

Members contribute to the fund via payroll under the GAYE scheme, making it a very tax efficient way of donating money to charity. This can be done in addition to any other payroll contributions you can make. With requests now outstripping our monthly income we are appealing for existing members to review their contribution and to seek new members who can then make their own requests for a charitable donation.

For further information contact the membership secretary Ken West or our new Chairperson Sarah Waterson.

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