The following notification has been received from the Police Direct Team at Suffolk Constabulary;

Police are urging shoppers, residents and drivers to be alert after a skimming device was found on a petrol pump at the Tesco petrol station at Martlesham Heath.

Officers were contacted around 5.40pm yesterday, Wednesday 19 March, by staff who had noticed a camera above the card reading machine on pump 16 after being called to assist a driver who was having problems paying. It was then found the card reader had been tampered with.  It’s thought the device may have been there for up to 24 hours.

Police are making enquiries into the incident and this will include viewing CCTV and an examination of the device.

It’s possible other people may have had difficulty using this particular pump and anyone who may have used the pump over the past 24 hours is asked to contact their bank in the first instance to check for any unauthorised transactions.

Police are urging anyone using cashpoints or similar pay points to be vigilant and to alert staff or officers as quickly as possible if you spot anyone tampering with them or if you find anything suspicious.