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The following notification has been received from the Police Direct Team at Suffolk Constabulary;

Police are urging shoppers, residents and drivers to be alert after a skimming device was found on a petrol pump at the Tesco petrol station at Martlesham Heath.

Officers were contacted around 5.40pm yesterday, Wednesday 19 March, by staff who had noticed a camera above the card reading machine on pump 16 after being called to assist a driver who was having problems paying. It was then found the card reader had been tampered with.  It’s thought the device may have been there for up to 24 hours.

Police are making enquiries into the incident and this will include viewing CCTV and an examination of the device.

It’s possible other people may have had difficulty using this particular pump and anyone who may have used the pump over the past 24 hours is asked to contact their bank in the first instance to check for any unauthorised transactions.

Police are urging anyone using cashpoints or similar pay points to be vigilant and to alert staff or officers as quickly as possible if you spot anyone tampering with them or if you find anything suspicious.

A series of events are starting to kick off over the county to help households cut energy use and strengthen neighbourhoods. Adastral Park employees are encouraged to take part.

Transition Streets is a tried-and-tested program, run over seven sessions, where 6 households come together to discuss a structured guide looking at home energy, water, food, waste and transport plus ways we can make savings, help people around us and reduce our impact on the environment.

As people in Rendlesham found out at the start of the year, being part of this can: “give the opportunity for quality social time with like-minded people for in depth discussions about the things that matter to you” Rachel and “save money and resources” Diane.

If you would like to find out more, or book a place on the Felixstowe event on Monday 10 March, please email your local volunteer co-ordinators or

Eastern Angles Cast

    Eastern Angles’ show Bentwaters Roads at The Hush House, 2010

Eastern Angles Theatre Company, best known for their quirky Christmas shows, village hall tours and innovative site-specific productions, are on the look out for creative volunteers with technology skills.

The nationally acclaimed company are planning an ambitious new theatre project to be staged in The Hush House, a former aircraft hangar on Bentwaters airbase in 2014. The show, Ragnarok, will require atmospheric lighting and sound plus cutting-edge audio-visual effects in order to convey the theme of the play, the mythological downfall of the Norse gods. Eastern Angles will also want to make use of the very latest digital technology to add to the audience experience making this a must-see show with a real wow factor!

Eastern Angles have some ideas up their sleeves but what they really want is to talk to people with a fresh take on the project. People who may come up with brand new ‘whiz bang’ ideas that will leave audiences open-mouthed and make this production a highlight of the 2014 theatrical calendar.

If you would like to take part in an initial workshop lunchtime session held at Adastral Park with members of the Eastern Angles production team, please contact: Karen Goddard on 01473 218202 or email Karen.

The Suffolk Youth Offending Service mentoring project is looking for volunteer mentors to work with young people on a one to one basis, mainly assisting them to access a constructive leisure activity, and supporting them to maintain this. In turn this will help in building up the self-esteem and self-confidence of the young person.

Full training and ongoing training is provided, as well as regular support meetings. Mentors need to be over the age of 18 and have access to transport. Mentors will be required to meet with a young person weekly, for up to 2 hours a week. We also ask that mentors commit to volunteering with Suffolk Youth Offending Service for a minimum of 12 months.

For further information, please e-mail or contact her on 01473 341805.

Students who wish to improve their German are welcome to join weekly lessons on Thursdays from 12.00 – 13.00, starting on Thursday 9 May at Adastral Park.

The lessons are well structured, and taught in an informal and friendly environment by a native speaker. We are opening a short 7-week summer course, and from September the course will run through the year.

For more information phone 01394 383824 or e-mail

In BT and at Adastral Park, we believe that volunteering creates opportunities to support our people to do the things they are passionate about in our local community. But did you know that, particularly as a BT employee, you can use three days of paid work time to volunteer, either as part of regular activities that you are already involved in, or to support some of the opportunities that BT has set up. We are currently working with Age UK Suffolk to help them find volunteers for the telephone “befriending” service they offer.

The service links volunteers to older people in Suffolk who would like someone to call them for a friendly chat each week. Calls are free and usually last for up to an hour once a week and they really can make a big difference to an older person’s life, especially if they are housebound. If you are interested in becoming a telephone “befriender”, whether you are a BT employee or not, please refer to the Latest News from Adastral Park – April 2013 e-mail for the link to record your interest on Formwize.  We will then arrange a session with Age UK Suffolk where more details will be provided.

APTA is the Adastral Park Twinning Association. In addition to the established twinning with France Telecom’s Amiens section near Paris, and Deutsche Telecom’s Darmstadt section in Germany, there are a wide range of other travel and activity opportunities to broaden your horizon, make new friends and travel more cost effectively.

The activities for 2013 include visiting our German twinners, hosting the French visitors, hot air balloon meets, cycle, walking & kayak tours, trips to Poland, Madrid, Czech Republic and more. Plus the established language classes on site and access to the French Holiday Villages at special rates. It is open to all employees and former employees in the Ipswich area as well as employees of other companies with offices at Adastral Park. Find out more see the APTA website or contact Andrew Cassy .

Since starting in 1993, more than £880,000 has been contributed by BT staff and donated to registered UK charities at the bequest of members of Helping Hand – the BT staff charity fund at Adastral Park. These contributions have been boosted thanks to the BT GAYE contribution, to allow over £880,000 to be given to charity. We are inviting new members to join, and existing members to consider increasing their contribution, with the aim of giving out an amazing £1m grand total by our 25th anniversary.

In the past two year alone, 71 charity cheques have been written for a total of £44,396. Recent donation requests have been made for many good causes including Families in Need to coincide with the Foodbank launch at the site, the British Heart Foundation after the sudden and unexpected loss of a colleague on site as well as the most popular charities attending the Christmas Market as voted on by the visitors.

Members contribute to the fund via payroll under the GAYE scheme, making it a very tax efficient way of donating money to charity. This can be done in addition to any other payroll contributions you can make. With requests now outstripping our monthly income we are appealing for existing members to review their contribution and to seek new members who can then make their own requests for a charitable donation.

For further information contact the membership secretary Ken West or our new Chairperson Sarah Waterson.

Helping Hand Logo

BT Volunteers

Thanks to a small band of BT volunteers we were able to assist over 100 scouts and other local volunteers to litter pick at our adopted Trimley Marsh estuary beach alongside the SWT reserve.

BT Volunteering duties included: manning the car park (Mittal Patel, Claire Mackinder & Afolabi Agbede shown in picture), driving the BT minibus (Ian Buxton, Alan Ritson, Louise Williamson) and assisting with the litter pick (Mark Mackinder, Carol Staunton & Noosha Richardson). Plus lots of other support from our partners: Ipswich & Felixstowe Scouts, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Suffolk Coast & Heaths, Trimley Estates and all the other people who took part.

Wheelie bin and other rubbish collected

This years unusual finds included a crushed blue wheelie bin, gas canister, racing car tyre and safety hats. In all around a tonne of waste was recovered from the foreshore. As usual, most of the litter is plastic based which doesn’t bio-degrade, but eventually breaks down in to smaller and smaller pieces, sometimes over 100’s of years, which can then be injested by the fish and marine life.

Message in a bottle

And finally, the SWT wardens also found two seperate bottles with letters from Holland (see picture). The translation of the letter shown is between two girls and says ”

Dear Floor,

Ships sail to and fro
I think of you,
(I) throw my bottle in the sea
and (I) let my words
go to you
through the water (of the seas)

 Love from Sanne

” ( Thanks to Clazien Wezeman for the translation)

All in all another very successful and satisfying event. Join us next year, Saturday 21 September 2013, to help make an even bigger impact.

Chris Strang from BT Adastral Park has been hailed a lifesaver after he sprang into action when a medical emergency occurred at the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.

 Chris, a consultant designer with BT Innovate & Design, was volunteering at the recent London Prepares athletics test event as a BT Games Maker when a 60-year-old female spectator suffered a cardiac arrest. He discovered that two London Ambulance Service paramedics on a stadium familiarisation walkabout had just arrived at the scene and were starting cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the woman, who was lying between rows of seats.

Chris, a volunteer member of BT’s Adastral Park Emergency Services (APES) rapid response team, said: “The paramedics had no equipment with them and it was clear that an AED (automated external defibrillator) was urgently needed, so I ran back to the medical room to grab it. We cut the casualty’s clothing free and applied the AED pads, and we also used my face mask to provide the rescue breaths. I operated the AED, which detected a shockable rhythm and, after instructing everyone to stand clear, I delivered the shock.”

Chris said that after applying a second shock the woman showed signs of breathing and was taken to hospital and is now recovering.  In a message to Chris, a senior manager for medical services at London 2012 organisers LOCOG said the woman is well and her family are really grateful as his prompt action saved her life.

Chris signed up for first aid training with BT five years ago after he rescued six people from an overturned car but realised he didn’t have the necessary skills to treat them.  Two years ago he was invited to undergo further training to become part of the APES, and a year ago, performed his first CPR when he helped to save the life of friend and colleague Mick Mulvey who suffered a cardiac arrest while at work.

Chris said: “Basic CPR can be the difference between life and death. I would encourage everyone to find out more and to have a go if ever facing a cardiac arrest situation.

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