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Andrew Cassy with cake

Since launching the shuttle bus service between Ipswich train station and Adastral Park, BT has helped save 173 tonnes of CO2 and countless taxi journeys – saving the company over £170,000 since launch.

The shuttle bus, operated by Ipswich Buses, has been running for two years and has moved from a small 30-capacity bus to a 70-seater double decker with tables and wifi due to its popularity.

The bus was started by Andrew Cassy, sustainability champion at Adastral Park, so that business travellers could get quickly from the station to BT’s global development and innovation centre  – not only saving money but also carbon by reducing the number of cars on the local roads.

Andrew said: “From day one it has proven to be financially viable and shortly after that it was also carbon negative.”

This success has led to the scheme being nominated for the Greenest County awards two years in a row.

The bus is now used by more than 200 people a day. Business travellers can use it for free by showing their train tickets, anyone travelling to Adastral Park can pay just a £1 each way and it’s also available to the general public along Wherstead Road for the normal Ipswich Buses fares.

To celebrate there are two offers available for bus users:

1) a free one week mobile-phone ticket for shuttle use only (valid until Easter, just one per person). Further details and terms and conditions are on the Grassroutes offers page. Andrew Cassy will also be handing out details on the bus this (Monday) morning and in the Hub at lunchtime.

2) a chance to win an iPhone if you register for the mobile ticket service available on all data enabled phones including android and iPhone. Further details and terms and conditions are on the Grassroutes offers page.

For more information on the service, visit the website.

If you have any queries about the Adastral Park travel plan, please email Andrew Cassy, travel plan manager.

For all information on Grass Routes, the Adastral Park travel plan, visit the Grass Routes website.

For more information on the service, visit the website.

If you have any queries about the Adastral Park travel plan, please email Andrew Cassy, travel plan manager.

For all information on Grass Routes, the Adastral Park travel plan, visit the Grass Routes website.

If you use the BT shuttle bus you can now purchase a daily or weekly ticket direct from your mobile phone. 

The Ipswich Central mobile bus ticket scheme has been extended to include the BT ‘192’ railway shuttle bus. Web-enabled mobile phones (not yet iPhone or smart phones) can be used to purchase your tickets on the day or in advance and shown to the driver when activated to save rummaging for loose change. 

Fares are £2 for unlimited day travel on the BT shuttle bus only, or £10 for a week ticket (i.e. operational for 5 consecutive business days). Alternatively, if you purchase any other Ipswich bus Day Rover or Season ticket you can travel on the BT 192 service for free. 

For those who regularly use the First route 66 there is also a discounted monthly ticket, saving £10 per month, if you sign up to direct debit payment – your new monthly ticket will be posted to you, saving a visit to the office each month. Mobile ticketing for all First buses is also available. 

The new mobile ticket scheme will be launched on Thursday 15 July throughout the day on the shuttle bus and both these offers explained in the Hub at lunchtime with representatives from First and Ipswich buses. 

For further details see the website:

Grassroutes, the Adastral Park travel plan, was two on Friday 18 June so a special event was held at the Park to celebrate.

Andrew Cassy, travel plan manager, said: “The event was a great success, helping to raise awareness of the options to reduce car travel when possible.”There were a multitude of stands including the Adastral Park bike user group (BUG), the Orwell Mencap Green Bike project – who were collecting old bikes and spares – and BT Cycle Fit.

There were promotions for off-peak rail business travel between Ipswich and London which generated much interest as well as a new discounted bus ticket for those who use the local Route 66 bus to get to work which can save regular bus users £10 per month.

As an added incentive to travel sustainably on the anniversary people were offered a free breakfast. “This led to a 30 per cent increase on the usual number of people cycling in to Adastral on a Friday,“ said Andrew.

“The plan has been very successful since its launch in 2008. The railway shuttle bus was relaunched, the number of people who car share has doubled and the number of people who cycle to work is twice the national average, and we’ve also seen an increase in the number of people who flexi-work away from the office.”

Overall, Grassroutes has saved the equivalent of 1.2million miles off the local roads and generated 400 tonnes less CO2 than if everyone travelled to site in a single occupancy vehicle.

Phil Dance, managing director of Adastral Park, added: “We want to make Adastral Park the lowest carbon development centre in the UK, and be at the leading edge for sustainability whilst providing a great working environment.“

Get fit without the hassle by taking part in Walk to Work week.

Walking can help you to be more healthy (by burning calories and reducing carbon emissions), wealthy (reduced travel costs) and wise (you can be creative and contemplate matters whilst walking).

Register online and enter your details. Use the Adastral Park (IP5 3RE) or Bibb Way (IP1 2EQ) postcodes so we can track responses from everyone and see if we can become one of the most walked workplaces. You can log your walking throughout the week and track your calories burnt, steps made and carbon savings.

The five walking challenges are to:

  • try walking all or part of the way to work
  • try walking all or part of the way home from work
  • hold a walking meeting
  • walk all or part of the way to a meeting
  • take a walk during your lunch break.

Andrew Cassy, travel plan manager, is pledging to walk the full 12 miles to work from home one morning: “With the weather as lovely as it is now that spring has arrived I am really looking forward to a walk through the forest and across the heaths on my way in to work. I challenge you to do the same for all or part of your journey in to work and enter our prize draw.”

To enter the prize draw just email with your grand total for the week. Make sure you’ve also logged it on the website. A name will be drawn at random from all valid entries and the winner will receive a £100 voucher for an outdoor leisure retailer.

Living Streets, who organise Walk to Work week, are also running a prize draw. Just by registering to take part you could win a hamper for your workplace.

Save up to 13 per cent on First zone 1 day and weekly bus tickets.

To encourage greater use of public transport and to make it easier for you to buy tickets we are trialling a new scratch card ticket. They cost just £4 for a day ticket (normally £4.60) or £14 for a week ticket (normal price £16). You can check the map to see the area that zone 1 covers.

The tickets are available to all Adastral Park employees to buy using cash only (ATM machine is available in the Hub) from Amigo’s or the Hub coffee bar.

This offer is brought to you by the Grass Routes travel plan and First.

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