THIS ORGANISED EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED (you are still able to arrange your own work shadow experience or try again next year)

This event is intended for Adastral Park people only and not available to members of the general public.

Sons & Daughters to Work Day at Adastral Park will be held on Tuesday 17 February. This year it will follow a different format, based on the Insights to BT education events.

We’re offering a menu of talks and workshops for you to choose the topics of interest for your children. We cannot guarantee to meet all the requests nor offer a complete day of events – parents will be responsible for hosting and filling those gaps with work shadowing or other local arrangements.

To assist with the gaps we’ll also be showing short film and BT archive material throughout the day in the John Bray Lecture Theatre where the children, and parents, can drop in and out as necessary. All children will need to be hosted over lunch by their parents too and returned in time for their next session.

Registration form and full terms and conditions are listed below, along with details for the available sessions on offer.

Programme – details, capacity and timing subject to change

  • Tuesday 17 February 2015 only
  • 8.30am arrivals for 9am start through to 4.30pm finish, with 1 hour for lunch 12:30-1:30pm
    • water fountain will be available – no other refreshments will be provided
  • 9am Welcome keynote talk by Kevin Woollard, Director of Research & Adastral Park
  • Chronicle – digital storytelling: John Royle
    • Do you remember when the Queen came to town?
    • Did a plane really try to land on-site?
    • Is it true that the local newspaper mistakenly published photos of the nearby Foxhall communications towers as construction of BT?
    • Do you have any other memories or anecdotes relating to BT and Adastral park?
      One of the latest Innovation Martlesham exhibitors, Chronicle, will be showcasing digital storytelling. As part of the activities, there will be a limited number of opportunities for staff/guests to record stories and anecdotes relating to Adastral Park.  All you need is to bring a story and a photo!  Stories can be for your own family use or shared.  Please contact us for more info…
    • just one-off for a small group session for both Parent and Child to attend
    • followed by a 15 min individual recording by arrangement during the day
  • Mobile – Future of the internet: Roger Clark
    • Interactive talk highlighting the rapid development of mobile technologies and merging with the internet to become smart phones and wearable technology, with samples of the original ‘brick’ mobile devices, apps and future trends / implications for society.
    • repeated twice, limited to 12 per session
  • BT TV & Sport: Andrew Thomas
    • How BT took the Sports and TV industry by surprise and implemented a world class new TV service in record time, a real disruptive game changer, with some interesting technical challenges overcome along the way. Will also outline how the TV and Sports services could evolve and be accessed across multiple devices. To be hosted in our new Media Development Suite in Callisto B81
    • repeated several times, limited to 16 per session
  • Digital Tears: Towards Machines with Emotion: Dr Nicola Millard
    • Will machines really be able to relate to us on our level? Can an emotional machine ever be designed? Lively and entertaining discussion from our very own crystal ball gazer and futurologist.
    • repeated twice, max 20 per session
  • Smart Cities & Internet of Things: Mo Zoualfaghari and Malcolm Silburn
    • An overview of the future living standards for the majority of global citizens and implications of the Internet of Things, with examples from the Milton Keynes Smart Cities pilot
    • repeated twice
  • The Graduates: Richard Whitfield & Ashley Nixon
    • informal chat from two of our recent graduate intake about their experience since leaving school and getting into work; one via the traditional A-level + University route; the other via an apprenticeship + part-time study. Feel free to ask questions
    • just one session, open to all who are interested
  • Customer Showcase Tours: Iain Monteath
    • Guided tour of some of the showcases that BT uses for CEOs and corporate customers, such as Home of the Future, Agile Banking, Smart Health, Retail shopping & Better Futures
    • 2 sessions only, max 20 per session
    • will require movement across site to Sirius building
  • Project SATURN: Cyber Security Challenge:  Alex Healing
    • a talk from the creator of one of BT’s latest security products, including a practical simulation exercise to analyse a cyber attack, demonstrating the issues of corporate and network security such as the recent SONY hack.
    • repeated twice, up to 20 per session, will be working in teams of 4-
  • High Voltage Test Lab : Pete Whelan
    • Demonstrating the dangers of electricity (simulations of lightning and the effects of HV on the network / equipment and sweets!) plus seeing inside a Fibre to the Cabinet box
    • will require movement around site to Polaris lab and FttC cabinet in B75
    • max 8 people per session (due to lab restrictions)
    • repeated hourly throughout the day
  • Film Show:
    • We shall be running hourly slots showing BT Archive films, BT adverts (incl. Busby, Maureen Lipman, etc) and short films (such as Wallace and Gromitt) to entertain the children for sessions that are otherwise full or not of interest.
  • Work Shadow: with you Parents/guardians
    • Children are free to join their parents and shadow as and when required during their working day at Adastral Park
    • Parents to collect, host and make necessary arrangements in their local office

Parents will need to register for specific sessions for each child to build an individual programme of activities. We reserve the right to change the programme and will notify those parents who are affected.

Parents / Guardians (must already work at Adastral Park and have a site passcard)

  • Are responsible for their child(ren) throughout the day
    • signing-in and out at start and end of the day
    • ensuring they have a suitable programme of activities throughout the whole day (signing-up to specific events as they see fit or making their own arrangements for all/part of the day)
    • hosting their child(ren) for lunch
  • Must register emergency contact details and be available to respond on the day if requested
  • Parents are welcome to volunteer and assist with logistics for part or all the day (indicate on registration form)
  • Children must be at least 11 years old (Y7) to take part
  • There is a limit on the total number of attendees due to resource limitations


  • Must be signed-up in advance by parents
  • Will be led by Adastral Park employees
  • May be limited availability due to resources or nature of the activity
  • Typically last upto 45 mins + 15 mins for swap-over time to next activity
  • If the session is run several times, it will be the same talk duplicated to avoid clashes of interest.
  • Actual locations, timings and topics are subject to change
  • Aimed at Year 9 (aged 14) upwards, but may include youngsters from 11 year olds
  • Back-to-back short films will be shown in JBLT throughout the day as a temporary holding pen

For further queries contact Ali Howard or Andrew Cassy.