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Adastral Park volunteers support NHS Ambulance Service
Published: 6 August 2020
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During the COVID19 pandemic there was an unprecedented amount of demand placed on our local emergency services. Adastral Park’s immediate care [ambulance] team were able to support the local NHS ambulance service by responding to emergency calls in the East of England.

Adastral Park Emergency Services have a long-established relationship with the ambulance service and traditionally respond to incidents at Adastral Park. During the Coronavirus pandemic, East of England Ambulance Service reached out for support to supplement ramping up of their own resources.

During the project, seven volunteers gave more than 600 hours of time to help the NHS, alongside their roles within BT. The team – who are trained and equipped to the same level as EEAST – responded to everything from broken bones to cardiac arrest, including suspected COVID-19 cases.

BT provided an ambulance and medically trained staff free of charge to support the NHS during this critical time for our country. Throughout the project another ambulance and crew remained on standby at Adastral Park, ready to respond to anyone in need.
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