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i-Trace website is now live! An IoT security project
Published: 11 August 2020
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i-Trace is a consortium of tech leaders brought together under one mission: to make IoT secure.
This will principally done via the use of two innovative technologies: machine learning and distributed ledger technology.

IoT security is notoriously difficult. Devices have limited amounts of storage and processing capabilities, and many simply can’t handle complex encryption and decryption processes in real time. The challenge is to keep these constrained, low-end devices commercially viable while still providing robust security.

Machine learning can help by analysing the data generated by IoT devices and detecting any anomalous and malicious activity.

i-Trace will showcase how, even with the small data footprint IoT devices generate, machine learning can effectively detect cyber threats in real time. Furthermore, historical data kept in the cloud/data centres may be accessed at any point for retrospective analysis.
Distributed ledger technology on the other hand, will help maintain the immutability and transparency of data.

Visit the i-Trace website to learn more about how BT Applied Research are working to secure the IoT with Cisco, Senseon & University of Warwick.
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