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Computational Thinking for Year 3s (7-8 year olds)
Published: 31 January 2019
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Pupils attending workshop [Image credit - Stratford St Mary Primary School]
During January 1000 + students aged between 7-8 years old attend workshops held by BT volunteers at Adastral Park.

Over a 1,000 Year 3 students from over 40 schools visited Adastral Park to take part in a number of workshops designed to improve their reasoning, perseverance and problem solving skills - all supported by 150 BT volunteers.

Computational Thinking gives students access to a set of tools to improve reasoning, perseverance and problem solving which can be applied across the curriculum. This interactive session for students will use a variety of activities, both unplugged and programming environments. The students took part in 8 workshops covering including creating animations, making aeroplane rotors spin, controlling traffic lights and cranes, solving problems using beebots, making shapes with scratch and understanding the logic for sorting out shapes and colours.

Pam Popay, BT's Community Engagement lead at Adastral, said 'Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered to make this event a great success. We cannot run these events without you. We've received lots of very good feedback from the teachers, saying that all staff were supportive and patient with children. Range of activities stimulating and thought provoking and tied in with other curriculum ideas such as instruction writing in English'

If you would like to learn more about educational opportunities at Adastral Park please visit the education section of this website or email
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