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Digital Business Marketplace wins “Outstanding catalyst – business impact”
Published: 13 November 2020
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The ability to frictionlessly trade products and services between business partners in an ecosystem has been a long-term ambition that is about to become reality.

In the same way that renewable energy is replacing fossil fuels, ecosystem platforms will replace enterprise platforms, placing a renewed and real emphasis on frictionless business partnering – a must-have for the Industry 4.0 and Smart X landscape where hundreds of companies and thousands of products and services dynamically operate and are available for inclusion into numerous configurable customer solutions.

The Digital Business Marketplace has emerged from a TM Forum catalyst project to deliver the way forward and, through a super-ambitious, 29-company, 6-month project, has delivered PoC solutions for Secure Supply Chain, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Grid and Smart Entertainment market sectors, incorporating frictionless ecosystem blueprints. And this is just the beginning! Similar Smart solutions for Airport, City, Health, Agriculture, Transport, Mining and other such sectors will also benefit from these blueprints and solutions.

Last year, the project’s innovation was recognised by the TM Forum through winning their Outstanding Catalyst Innovation award, and also by Global Telecoms by securing their Digital Transformation Innovation award. This year, the Digital Business Marketplace project tripled the size of its project partners and quadrupled its technical delivery to secure the other TM Forum headline award, namely the Outstanding Catalyst Business Impact award. And the award was granted for good reason. While the project was in full flow, partners were securing funding for substantial Smart City and Smart Grid developments based on the Digital Business Marketplace blueprints.

The project team is committed and optimistic about the successful progression of these developments, and believe these developments will lead to a range of new and multi-billion dollar Industry 4.0 and Smart X opportunities. If your business would like to find out more or join the project, then head over to Digital Business Marketplace
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