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AI Festival Replay!
Published: 23 March 2021
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On 24th & 25th February, BT Applied Research in partnership with Orbital Global, held the inaugural AI Festival.

The festival comprised key speakers from Facebook, Google and NASA, as well as MIT’s Daniela Rus.
The festival explored examples of cutting-edge innovation from companies in the East of England and beyond including our tech cluster Innovation Martlesham, and examined the implications for business, skills and employment.

The event showcased exciting breakthroughs in AI with practical demonstrations, keynote presentations and networking sessions. There were also several thought-provoking talks from world leading experts examining subjects such as the ethical challenges faced by this technology.

If you missed it first time round, we’ve made those exhilarating talks accessible to you.
We have uploaded much of the festival to our AI Festival Youtube channel for you to consume the content in your own time.

Key Stats from the festival:

45 sessions across 2 days
1694 event tickets secured, with on average 600 people online live across the world at any given time
85 speakers -13 BT Speakers & Facilitators- Including our resident AI experts, Dr. Detlef Nauck, Adrian Joseph & Dr. Zoe Webster.
• On average the event was rated almost 9 out of 10 by surveyed delegates.
100% of surveyed delegates registered a high probability of recommending the event.
40,361 Twitter impressions, from over 100 tweets over 2 days.
9 pieces of press and radio coverage secured, achieving an approximate reach of 1.75 million people.

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