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Coderus partner with Ipswich maker community
Published: 31 January 2019
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Ipswich maker community to benefit from new partnership with Coderus

Software design engineering company Coderus, part of the Innovation Martlesham cluster, have announced a sponsorship deal with the Ipswich Makerspace which will see staff from the firm get involved with the community tech and making hub. In return for their support, employees from Coderus will be invited to make use of the equipment and facilities available at the Makerspace’s Dove Street facility.

(Featured left to right, Stephen Chalkley and Mark Thomas)

(Featured left to right, Stephen Chalkley and Mark Thomas)

Coderus has a long-standing commitment to engaging with its community and feels that it shares the same core values and passion about technology as the Ipswich Makerspace. Pillar drills, laser cutters, CNC machine and 3D printers are some of the equipment that the members can use among a wide variety of tools for any type of craft or project. Tech enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to work on either individual or group projects, with free soldering consultation as an option. Each Coderus member will have the opportunity to visit the Makerspace and work on projects, as well as attending the regular meetups and in-house projects.

“From modern hardware to traditional crafts, Ipswich Makerspace fits perfectly the interests of our team”, said Mark Thomas, Director of Coderus. “It has been really nice seeing some of the guys using the laser cutter and the 3D printers for their own projects already. Stephen Chalkley has welcomed us all.”

Stephen Chalkley of the Ipswich Makerspace said: “We’ve grown from a small group meeting in a draughty church hall to having our own building in just a few years. Our members have an enormous range of experience and skills and they are very generous about sharing them. Being sponsored by Coderus is a great validation of our efforts and we’re looking forward to working with them.”

“There’s a great synergy between Coderus and the Ipswich Makerspace as they both provide fertile ground for innovative ideas.”
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