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"Delivering Digital Transformation - Facing 5 dilemmas for a sustainable future"
Published: 30 March 2022
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In the warm up for the next Tommy Flowers Network conference (4-5 May 2022) in collaboration with DIGIT Lab, we have a TEDx style session on 5 April 2022 from 11:00 to 11:40 on MS Teams.

As more and more organizations adopt digital first strategies, they must overcome a number of challenges to accelerate change and build sustainable business value. Based on the experience in the DIGIT Lab, a UK national research centre exploring digital transformation in Large Established Organizations (LEOs), a good starting point to gain a perspective on the issues is to focus on the areas of concern where tensions and questions are being raised. At the heart of these concerns lie 5 fundamental dilemmas being faced today.

1. The Productivity Dilemma
2. The Value Dilemma
3. The Ethical Dilemma
4. The Leadership Dilemma
5. The Human Dilemma

In this session we review each of these dilemmas to surface key questions that will dominate future digital strategies.

Join us for this engaging and interactive discussion on research challenges and opportunities facing digital transformation as organizations invest in a sustainable future.

Simply register for free.

About the Speaker
Alan is an experienced business leader, academic, and advisor having spent over 3 decades in the UK, USA, and Europe in largescale software-driven programmes with commercial high-tech companies leading R&D teams, building state-of-the-art solutions, and driving innovation in software product delivery. More recently Alan co-founded the Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy (CoDE) at the University of Surrey where he led research initiatives in 4 EPSRC-funded research projects and transitioned this work to his role as Professor in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter. In March 2021, Alan was appointed as Director of an £11M UK National Research Centre exploring digital transformation in Large Established Organizations (LEOs). The DIGIT Lab works with several universities and business partners to deliver an ambitious research agenda providing new insights into how to accelerate digital innovation in LEOs. In March 2019 Alan received a Fellowship from the Alan Turing Institute, the UK national institute for AI and data science.

He has published 5 books and numerous papers on software engineering, systems design, and digital business transformation. Alan’s latest books include “Delivering Digital Transformation: A manager’s guide to the digital revolution” and “Digital Economy Dispatches: Critical reflections on how to succeed with digital transformation in turbulent times”.

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