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Thales showcase opportunity at Adastral Park
Published: 17 March 2023
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On 15th March Nilly Pegg, Brian Crane, Andrew Lower, Chris Taylor and Manoj Bhati showcased the company at Adastral Park and discussed:

How can BT and Thales together help organisations meet ever growing data security challenges and met compliancy requirements?
Can data still be safe after a breach?
What is data at rest encryption?
What is encryption key management and why is it necessary?
What about data in transit, how do you keep it safe?
How can organisations maintain control of their data whilst moving it to the cloud?
How can data security be maximized in the 5G Era?
Are you ready for Quantum?
If you’d like to talk to the team to learn more please reach out to the team :

Nilly Pegg & Brian Crane

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