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Smart cycling trial en route to Adastral
Published: 10 April 2019
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BT Research and tech company See.Sense will provide Adastral trialists with IoT bike lights as part of big data trial.

Following the news that BT and See.Sense will collaborate on a European smart cities IoT trial, BT Research has announced a parallel trial of the same technology in Adastral Park and the surrounding area.

The partnership between BT Research and See.Sense will provide Adastral Park trialists with ACE smart bike lights that will collect data about their cycling habits. BT's DataHub can then share anonymised data with local organisations to provide insights that could be used to improve travel routes and encourage more people to cycle.

Want to be part of the trial? Register to become an Adastral Park trialist now.

Both trials look to prove this kind of data can help local authorities identify and prioritise more effective investments in cycling infrastructure, improving local transport options on the whole. It's hoped that using this data to remove barriers will help integrate cycling as an efficient and sustainable transport alternative to car travel and provide the opportunity to significantly boost cycling in local areas.

See.Sense were crowned winners of a BT competition in 2016 and received a £15,000 prize fund to help with their project. The award-winning lights are designed specifically to be daylight-visible, enhancing cyclist safety in all lighting conditions, while flashing brighter and faster in riskier situations such as round junctions and roundabouts.

More info about the trial can been found on the Smart Adastral trial website.

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