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Suffolk Show 2019 gets inspired by Adastral Park
Published: 7 June 2019
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Adastral Park Marquee at the Suffolk Show
Warm sunshine greeted visitors to this year’s Suffolk Show 2019 where BT sponsored a marquee showcasing innovative cutting-edge technology and interactive activities for all ages.

In its second year, the Adastral Park marquee attracted a few thousand visitors over the two days, with the aim to encourage the next generation into STEM and computing careers. And to showcase the ground-breaking research and technologies from Adastral Park.

The marquee was a buzz of activity with all ages enjoying Beebot activities in the BT classroom; participating in a cyber security challenge; being inspired by an apprentice designed demo offering a glimpse into 5G inspired remote surgery; understanding how sensors are helping us in Smart Cities; having an amazing experience on a virtual reality bike and being immersed in the future of TV technologies.

Visitors to BT Marquee learning about Beebots

Visitor to BT Marquee on VR bike

Visitor to BT Marquee using VR headset

Alongside BT teams were some of the companies based with Innovation Martlesham. These included Chronicle Digital Storytelling providing a “dial a story” activity and content for ‘The Treasure Trial’; a future look with drones withTethered Drone System; the latest in advanced security with Stratis Security and IoT data capturing with Enlight. SmartNE also provided the Suffolk Show App for it’s second year.

Members from BT’s Emergency Response Team took part in a dedicated “Real Life Super Hero” celebration. Steve Adam’s and members of the team promoted the excellent work they do globally and showcased the amazing technology in their vehicles and their helikite.

BT emergency response vehicle

Visitor at BT Emergency response stand

Also thank you to WRAP for creating a dedicated Adastral Park Suffolk Show WRAP to promote all the content in the marquee.
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