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BT’s Emergency Response Team exercise
Published: 6 September 2019
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ERT vehicle at Suffolk Show 2019
Between Monday 9th - Thursday 12 September volunteers of BT's Emergency Response Team (ERT) will be undertaking training, skills and experience living in an incident type scenario with minimal impact to the location.

Tents will be used to form an admin and control centre, sleeping and messing facilities on the grass area surrounding the Romes site and B67 Oberon.

The exercise is aimed to prove and develop capabilities using a Helium filled Helikite, providing an aerial platform for BT Wi-Fi and other Video and 4g assets. If you’re interested, the afternoon of Wednesday 12 September has been allocated for questions and answers, so you’ll have the opportunity to pop along and find out more then.

You may be interested to know that the ERT team were deployed, alongside and in support of, Fire & Rescue teams from across the country at Saddleworth moor last year. More recently, they were deployed to Whaley Bridge supporting multi agency response during the dam scare.

BT’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides a proactive and reactive capability to deal with threats to our fixed and mobile networks in the UK. In recent years these have been dominated by extreme weather events, typically flooding. They proactively attempt to protect critical assets considered at risk, and if that fails, seek to help restore service as quickly as possible. In parallel, they strive to help affected communities by providing them with emergency communications facilities until normal service can be resumed.
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