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Adastral Park Coronavirus information update
Published: 23 March 2021
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In recognition of the communications from the government, and the request for us all to stay at home where possible, we have made changes to the operations at Adastral Park. It is in all of our interests that we make this work as effectively as possible, and I know I can rely on you to support those that remain at Adastral with these changes.

It is really important that we keep everyone safe, and these changes are put in place with that intention at its heart.

Adastral Park Reception
Adastral Park reception reception remains open as normal, the park can be accessed by critical workers only.

We are following government guidance on this, access is given to critical workers only.

The Adastral Park Emergency response team will be in situ but have been scaled down commensurate with the numbers of people on site. This is why it is critical to know exactly where everyone is as per the security sign-in process.

The shop in Orion and the restaurant in the Hub will now be closed, however the 24 hour self service facility in the Hub will continue to be stocked. WH Smith is now also closed for business. The coffee cart in the hub is open for takeaway 0900 to 1400 (closed 1100 to 1130 for break)

The team are continuing to clean and will be taking action to remove perishable items from fridges, and to ensure the site remains as clean and hygienic as possible.

Any deliveries of kit will be received at the mailroom. If you are expecting any large items, please let them know on 01473 644 229 such that resources can be arranged to take receipt.
Please do not arrange for personal deliveries to site.

We’ve reopened the Bodytalk Gym and the outdoor tennis courts to AtLAS members.
You must follow some specific rules and procedures to use the gym or tennis courts. They’re all either government legal requirements and/or BT safety and site management requirements.
You’ll need to book a time slot via the online booking system AtLAS at, for both the gym and the tennis courts. Also - AtLAS site passes are not valid at the moment, so anyone (AtLAS members or tennis court guests) without an employee pass will need a day pass as part of the booking. We’ve sent detailed guidance about what you need to do to all AtLAS members. It’s also on the AtLAS website - here. Please read the guidance carefully before proceeding, remembering especially the need to book ahead.
Welcome (partly) back!
Please contact our AtLAS Administrator or leave a message on 03316 510036 if you have any queries.

This article will be updated as the situation changes. Update alerts will be sent via the Adastral Park app, available from the Android and Apple app stores.

I hope that everyone has all the support that they need, and the Adastral team is always available for any queries you may have. Stay safe.

Lisa Perkins
Director, Adastral Park
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