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Listen to IM's latest podcasts
Published: 14 May 2020
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Innovation Martlesham is an ICT/Digital cluster of 140+ high-tech companies that’s headquartered at Adastral Park.

Listen to some of our IM companies' most recent podcasts by clicking the links below:

IR, the corporate brand name of Integrated Research Limited (ASX:IRI) are a leading global provider of proactive experience management solutions for critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications ecosystems with the IR Prognosis software.

Juniper, Offer a high-performance network infrastructure built on simplicity, security, openness, and scale. They are innovating in ways that empower their customers, partners, and ultimately everyone in a connected world. Their products and technologies run the world’s largest and most demanding networks today, enabling customers to create value and accelerate business success within the new, rapidly changing global marketplace

Nevion, Nevion manufactures award-winning systems for broadcasters, service providers and government agencies worldwide. Nevion provides best-in-class solutions for professional video services from contribution through primary distribution. Highly modular solutions encompass IP and optical transport, state-of-the-art compression and routing for any video format over any network infrastructure—within buildings or across continents.

Flowmon, Flowmon Networks bridges the gap between Network Operations and Security Operations by providing wirespeed network performance monitoring and security anomaly detection on networks up to 100G whether on premise, in the data centre, virtual or in the cloud.

Mitra, Mitra Innovation helps smart entrepreneurs, investors and enterprises to accelerate innovative ideas into amazing global businesses and solutions. They do this through providing a range of product incubation, systems integration and digital transformation services.

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