‘Smart’ energy meters will be installed in every home in Great Britain by 2019.

The new meters will give real-time information detailing the energy being consumed, allowing people to make informed choices about reducing energy bills and the size of their carbon footprint.

BT, Arqiva & BAE Systems Detica formed the SmartReach consortium and working together with Sensus, created the SmartReach solution to provide communications to every single energy meter, in a secure and reliable way. The team behind SmartReach now want to trial the technology in the Ipswich area, in conjunction with Scottish Power and Siemens.

The rollout of smart meters in Great Britain will be the biggest in the world. The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) is looking for a highly reliable and secure communications technology to support what will become a key piece of national communications infrastructure.  BT believes SmartReach has the answer but your assistance is needed to help prove it.

Scottish Power, SmartReach and Siemens (who install and operate meters for Scottish Power) recently teamed up to launch a technology trial in the Ipswich area to test the solution in typical British buildings.

If you are a Scottish Power electricity customer in the Ipswich area, and would be prepared to take part in the trial, the SmartReach trial team would love to hear from you.

By being involved, you can help show how smart metering can work across the whole of Great Britain – and promote the SmartReach solution at the same time.

So who is needed? 

  • 1,000 triallists in the Ipswich area.
  • Who get their electricity from Scottish Power
  • And who live in one of these postcodes:

IP1:     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
IP2:     0, 8, 9
IP3:     0, 8, 9
IP4:     2, 3, 4, 5
IP5:     1, 2, 3
IP6:     9
IP8:     3, 4
IP9:     1
IP10:   0
IP11:   0
IP12:   1, 4
IP13:   6

Register here to take part with the SmartReach partner team. 
Your details will only be used by SmartReach & Scottish Power to decide where to install the trial meters.

All eligible registrations have the opportunity to win an iPad 2 (32Gb wi-fi model). 

SmartReach representatives will also be on site in the Hub from 11am to 2pm on Wednesday 18 January to help answer any queries you may have on this scheme.