Adastral Park
Life at Adastral:
IM Breakfast event -“From paper sketch to award-winning product"
11 June 2019
Event type: Tech Networking Event
Hosted by Circuitbuilder
Audience: People at Adastral and External People (Pre-registration required)
Location: Ross Building Foyer
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IM Event in association with TechEast

Tuesday 11 June 2019 08:00 - 09:30

Guest Speaker
Angus Thomson – Founder, Circuitbuilder

“From Paper Sketch to Award-Winning Product: Journeys in the Art of Electron Shepherding”

Fun fact: there are 60 times more transistors in the phone you’re holding (or computer you’re reading this on) than there are people in the world. The constant increase in computing power means that today’s consumer electronic devices are capable of ever-more complex tasks, which in turn presents ever-more complex engineering challenges to overcome.
This talk focuses on one example of harnessing this increased processing power (along with a lot of other recent technologies) and building an entirely new musical instrument from scratch. We will discuss some of the biggest challenges faced and the multitude of factors that affect how a device is designed and built.

PERSONAL PROFILE : Angus Thomson, Founder, Circuitbuilder
Angus has been taking things apart since the age of 4, and has had the good fortune to be able to build a career out of it. Having worked in many industries and for the likes of GE and Dyson, he recently joined Innovation Martlesham’s Incubator programme to pursue a new, and hopefully highly lucrative, opportunity!

Innovation Martlesham is an established cluster of high-tech ICT companies located at Adastral Park. Besides being home to a diverse range of large, medium and small companies, Innovation Martlesham is a ‘collaborative ecosystem’ for technology companies. It provides physical office accommodation and a virtual membership called the Business Club to support the demand from businesses and hosts networking opportunities and events has a Business Support Function and a Mentor Group and an ICT Business Incubator and Accelerator. For more information please visit:

Please register by contacting Jim Milne