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BT Applied Research Thought Leadership Event - "Wave Asymptotics from Quantum Chaos to Noisy Electromagnetic Fields"
9 October 2019
Event type: Networking event
Hosted by BT
Audience: Park residents & non-Park residents (non Adastral Park residents can register to join via WebEx)
Location: Sir Alan Rudge Lecture Theatre, Adastral Park or via WebEx
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14:00 to 15:00 hrs

What have the quantum spectrum of the chemical element helium and noisy electromagnetic fields inside cavities - potentially causing havoc to sensitive electronic equipment - in common? Both are manifestations of wave chaotic dynamics and can be studied and better understood using wave asymptotic methods.

Following the work of Heisenberg, Chladni and others, Professor Gregor Tanner has worked on understanding the deeper relations between classical and quantum/wave dynamics in problems ranging from atomic physics, quantum graphs, vibro-acoustics and electromagnetism – the latter two with industrial partners such as Jaguar Landrover, CST and NXP Semiconductors

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