Adastral Park
Life at Adastral:
The Past, Present and Future of Adastral Park
31 January 2020
Event type: Community event
Hosted by BT
Audience: All
Location: Hothouse, Antares
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Local media are keen to be involved and she’s engaging with a number of ex and long service employees to start to formulate a plan. Adastral Park (or BT Labs as previously known) has been at the forefront of some amazing technological breakthroughs. We’ve seen so much change over the years and what better way to educate the people of East Anglia than by sharing the stories of those who have worked here over the years.

Lisa is also hoping to use this project to promote careers here at the park, so calling it “The Past, Present and Future of Adastral Park”.

To kick this off, Lisa will be running a Hot House on Friday 31 January and really keen to engage people that share an interest in this project. If that’s you, then please e-mail Lisa Ford so she can add you to the invite list.