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Welcome to our virtual learning zone
"We are not just focused on the technologies of the future, we are obsessive about the people that will create them."
– Professor Tim Whitley, Managing Director Applied Research and Managing Director Adastral Park
It's predicted that by 2030 a vast number of new technology jobs will be created, many that don't even exist today. And it's the reason behind Adastral Park playing a leading role in encouraging youngsters to study the core STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and maths.
Whilst we are unable to run our normal face to face sessions, technologists from across Adastral Park are working to facilitate and support teacher Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and student sessions as well as creating resources that can be used to help bring the STEM curriculum to life enabling teachers and students to understand how science and technology is being used in the real world.
On these pages you can find resources to support learning, whether you're a student or a teacher.
Students zone
Students zone
Take a tour of Adastral Park, find out how your learning is applied in the world of work and see how you can build the skills you need for the future.
Teachers zone
Teachers zone
Find out how we can help you to deliver the curriculum, including CPD and resources.