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STEM subjects
Welcome to our virtual STEM learning programme.
These short videos explain how we are using computing, science, maths and engineering to help people to communicate and stay connected.
We hope these will help to bring the school curriculum to life and give you a view of what you are learning at school / college is used in the world of work.
We'll be adding more to build up the collection over the coming months and are planning to add subtitles to the videos soon. Why not start with taking a look at our Purposeful Innovation video to find out a little bit more about what we do?
Please email us at with any feedback or if you have an request for a topic you'd like us to cover.
Purposeful innovation
Why purposeful innovation is important and what are the real world benefits?
From Holograms to Augmented Reality
A history of holograms and their modern evolution in technology.
What is total internal reflection?
Suggested age range: 11+
A demo showing how total internal reflection makes communicating with optical fibres work.
What are standing waves?
Suggested age range: 11+
Demo showing how you can see standing waves and why these matter for communicating with optical fibres.
Data representation
Data visualisation
Suggested age range: 13+
This video will focus on data visualisation using visual programming tools like Node-Red...
Computer networking
Connected devices
Suggested age range: 13+
An introduction to Connected Devices or the Internet of Things (IoT)...
Delivering TV services over the Internet
Suggested age range: 13+
Many digital services are now delivered over the Internet to phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs...
What is Edge Computing?
Suggested age range: 14+
An introduction to Edge, or Edge Computing, where processing is done at the edge of the network.
What is Wi-Fi?
Suggested age range: 14+
This video outlines some of the physics behind Wi-Fi, its position in the electromagnetic spectrum, factors that affect Wi-Fi signal strength and how it compares to cellular.
What is full fibre?
Suggested age range: 11+
An introduction to how broadband is delivered today and how it is going to be delivered in the future.
System security and software
Network security
This video will cover a breakdown of network security, from types of network threats which can arise, to ways to help mitigate them for security analysts.
What is Quantum Key Distribution?
Suggested age range: 16+
An introduction to Quantum Key distribution (QKD). What are quantum keys and how can we use them?
Programming design, techniques, programs, translators and languages
How can agile work in a software environment?
Suggested age range: 14+
A introduction into agile software development and how it can be used practically to create applications.
Home automation and robotics using a Raspberry Pi
This tutorial will provide an introduction to robotics using Python to create a controllable camera on a gimbal made from servos.
Video and audio editing
Suggested age range: 11+
Everything around us is getting more and more media rich...