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Linking your learning to the world of work
STEM subject videos
We've made a selection of videos to give you an insight into how your learning in school or college is used to help people to communicate:
Here's our videos on:
  • Physics
  • Computer networking
  • System security and software
  • Programming
  • ...and more
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Video collage
BT Adastral Park virtual tours
Take a 360 degree virtual tour to get an idea of what it's like to work here! Be sure to look around in each scene to find the hotspots for more information. Look out for our video-stars too - if you see someone who is the focus of a scene, click or tap on them to see their videos come to life! You can hop around the different areas inside each tour using the menu on the left.
BT Skills for tomorrow
Find out about the kinds of skills you need for the world of work and how you can get work ready.