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Adastral Park volunteers
We're always looking for Adastral-based volunteers to help the education programme at Adastral Park!
STEM videos
We're expanding our collection of STEM videos and are looking for volunteer presenters! The first set of videos showed how we're using computing, science, maths and engineering to help people communicate and stay connected and we'd like more of them. Can you help inspire the next generation and bring the curriculum to life? Can you show how and where technologies are used, why they are important in a workplace and give some real-life examples? If so, please contact We're looking for fun and engaging videos that are between 3 and 7 minutes long and can help with the filming and editing processes.
Schools events
These Events are all very well received by students and teachers and the volunteers enjoy themselves as well! Experience is not essential and training/briefing either before or on the day will be provided.
Our face-to-face schools programme is currently on hold but once we're up and running again all opportunities to get involved will be listed here. In the meantime please look at our virtual learning pages where you can access short videos that help bring the school curriculum to life.
Contacting us
If you'd like to find out more about educational volunteering opportunities at Adastral Park, please email
BT Employees
Did you know you're entitled to spend time equating to 3 working days per financial year volunteering within BT (sometimes more depending on the type of volunteering you undertake)?
For more information please visit the volunteering pages on the BT internal website (BT Intranet connection required to access).
STEM Ambassadors
You can help inspire young people to learn the skills needed for a fulfilling career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) by getting involved in activities with local pupils as a STEM Ambassador.
As a STEM ambassador, you can share your experience and help inspire young people (including those who are currently under-represented in industry) to choose a STEM career and enable those close to school-leaving age to make more informed decisions about their career path. Being an Ambassador can also help you develop your communication skills and confidence, as well as increase your employability. It can help you meet like-minded people and gain a fresh perspective through engaging with the younger generation, giving you a real sense of achievement.
Anyone can become a STEM Ambassador! Regardless of your background or job, you can volunteer to be an Ambassador. The STEM Ambassador network is UK-wide and consists of over 40,000 people who volunteer some time each year. As a STEM ambassador, you can positively impact the future of young people through participating in a vast range of exciting events and projects such as careers fairs, hands-on activities, talks and conferences. As it is a voluntary position, you also have the benefit of putting in as much or as little time as your schedule allows. DBS clearance is part of the registration process and is free of charge.
Find out more on the STEM Ambassadors website.