Adastral Park
Adastral Park
Innovating for a connected world
What is Adastral Park?

Adastral Park is an exciting cluster of high-tech telecommunication and technology companies. Based in Suffolk, Adastral Park is at the heart of the UK's digital ecosystem. It combines a national operation centre, test facilities and a global R&D unit, all set amongst a thriving community of collaborative technological innovation.

The park is home to BT's innovation labs and Innovation Martlesham (an established and growing cluster of circa 150 high-tech ICT companies) as well as educational initiatives such as the Tommy Flowers Network.

Welcome to Adastral Park
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Who is at Adastral Park?
The Adastral Park tech cluster is made up of circa 150 companies. These companies form 4 distinct organisations, each with their own focus, which collaborate together to achieve breakthrough innovations.
The home of BT Research and Innovation.
Innovation Martlesham
Innovation Martlesham
A cluster of circa 150 high-tech ICT/Digital companies.
Tommy Flowers Network
Tommy Flowers Network
Bringing the ICT industry and UK academia together.
Telecom Infra Project
A partnership between BT, the Telecom Infra Project and Facebook.
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In November 1975 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II formally opened BT's global research and development headquarters as a new centre for telecommunications research. Today it has grown to become Adastral Park.
Education at Adastral Park

But the park is not just about the technologies of the future, there's a huge focus on the next generation of technologists who will create them.

That's why the park plays host to around 6,000 school children each year, offering a free programme of stimulating events encouraging youngsters to develop skills and pursue exciting careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The programme is just one of the many ways Adastral Park attracts, supports and develops the technology leaders of the future.

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British science week at Adastral Park
Adastral Park has been at the centre of breakthroughs in technology for more than forty years and continues to be at the cutting edge of future innovations today.
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Developing for the future

At the heart of Adastral Park is innovation, developing new ideas and building technologies for the future. That's why we are undergoing a radical development project for the park. Over the next 10 years the park will see new labs being built, an independent Future Networks Research Centre and an expansion to the number of companies in our tech cluster. Our vision is to grow Adastral Park into an even more vibrant community that will benefit Suffolk and the UK as a whole.

For more information on the nearby development at Brightwell Lakes, please see the developer's website.

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Conceptual image. Picture: Engineroom.
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Conceptual image. Picture: Engineroom.