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British Science Week is coming!
Join us between 8th - 12th March for virtual British Science Week. We'll be exploring how 5 ground-breaking technologies are delivering "STEAM for good" through daily bite-size videos, "have a go" activities and live Q&A sessions.
Take a look at our video to find out what we have in store for British Science Week:
5 subjects over 5 days - find out more about what we'll be exploring.
Each day during British Science Week we'll be exploring an exciting technology. Each subject will include multiple videos, 'have a go' activities and a live Q&A session that students can sign up to. Don't forget - if you take part in the activities, watch the videos and join the live Q&A sessions, this all counts toward the Youth STEMM Awards!
Cyber Security
Cyber security
What will the impact be on the future of cyber security? How do we know what to trust? How can technology help?
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Coming 8th March...
Smart Cities
Smart cities
Can data make sure that the air we breathe is safe? How can virtual reality, 3D cinema technology and data be used to create a digital twin of Manchester?
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Coming 9th March...
Creative Media
Creative media
Go behind the scenes and find out how BT Sport's live 8k 360° immersive sports experience is delivered. How is science an integral part of all live performance?
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Coming 10th March...
How are drones being used in our everyday lives? What are their future benefits and possibilities? Can physical artificial intelligence create lifelike robots?
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Coming 11th March...
Health and Sports Science
Health & sports science
How can technology support a paramedic? How can technology support a sportsperson in their rehabilitation? How can genetics and DNA affect an athlete's performance?
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Coming 12th March...
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Join our live Q&A sessions
Each day we'll be holding a live Q&A session with our subject experts, giving you the chance to ask questions about our daily topic.
The Q&A sessions wil be held on the STEMtastic platform provided by West Suffolk College - click on the button below to head over to their website and register.
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Get ready for British Science Week
Each day there'll be some themed activities for you to have a go at.
Download the kit list and templates so that you're ready to go!
Meet our hosts
To help you get the most out of the virtual British Science Week experience, there will be hosts to help facilitate each day. They will appear in introduction videos and pop-up throughout the pages to provide extra guidance and context. Find out who they are below.
Photo of Amelia Winterburn
Photo of Amelia Winterburn
Amelia Winterburn
Research Professional, Network Physics, BT
Key qualifications: MSci (Hons) Natural Sciences specialising in Biophysical Science
What does your job involve? I do mostly experimental research in the optics lab, but my job covers any way we can apply fundamental science to solve real world technology and communication problems. A lot of what I do is the whacky stuff; high risk but high reward.
How did you get into your current role? I did a summer internship with BT Research before the final year of my degree, before joining the Graduate Scheme in 2019.
What did you want to be when you were younger? Marine Biologist, Prime Minister, then a Good-Mad-Scientist. I think I'm achieving the last one.
What do you do outside work? I like sport; tennis, badminton, jogging. I love the beach and the hills, and being anywhere beautiful.
Photo of Evandro Pioli Moro
Photo of Evandro Pioli Moro
Evandro Pioli Moro
Research Professional, BT
Key qualifications: Chartered Engineer. Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester. Master of Science in Power Electrical Systems from the University of Manchester (predicted July 2021).
What does your job involve? My job is to invent things! And how cool is that? In order to protect all the inventions my colleagues and I create, we register patents. Patents serve to give BT the right to be only one to use our inventions, and it also names the creators, giving us the due credit for the work!
How did you get into your current role? I made a summer placement in between my second and third year at Uni. After my graduation, I re-joined BT as a Graduate Researcher - I guess they liked me! I've now been working for BT for almost three years.
What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to become an airline pilot, however my colour blindness impeded me to train to become one! Since then, I fell in love with Engineering and inventing. And I can't say I regret the choice I made!
What do you do outside work? I like playing video games, while at home; and travelling, when on holiday. I have travelled to over 40 countries in 5 continents.
Photo of Alex Healing
Photo of Alex Healing
Alex Healing
Senior Research Manager - Future Cyber Defence, BT
Key qualifications: BSc AI & Computer Science
What does your job involve? Building Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that can learn and help people understand patterns in data so that they can do their jobs better. Applied to cybersecurity, this is all about inventing new ways to outsmart hackers - to defend computer networks from attacks.
How did you get into your current role? I joined BT as a graduate in 2005 and worked my way up the career ladder in the Research organisation.
What did you want to be when you were younger? An architect - I loved drawing buildings (and still do) - and part of my role now is software architecture!
What do you do outside work? I love playing the piano and going on countryside walks with my wife and daughter.
Photo of Shane Allum
Photo of Shane Allum
Shane Allum
Showcase, Downstreaming Research and Innovation Specialist, Colleague Board representative for BT Technology.
Key qualifications: 1st Honours Degree in Digital Technology Solutions - Software Engineering, Foundation Degree Network Technologies
What does your job involve? My role involves demonstrating amazing technology innovations, such as robots and holograms to some of BT's biggest customers. I'm also a member of BT's Colleague Board: working with senior leaders to shape the way we work at BT.
How did you get into your current role? I started my career with BT as an apprentice working in the Network Operations Centre, helping to manage the UK's broadband connectivity. As a result, I won the National Apprenticeship Services' 'Apprentice of the Year' award in 2011. I then became an Apprentice Coach, mentoring the next generation of apprentices. In 2014 I moved into a new role working in BT TV, helping to manage the testing and build of software and hardware which ultimately gives our customers a great viewing experience at home. In 2018 I started my current role as an Innovation Specialist in the Customer Centre and showcases. This is the job I was made for and I absolutely love it!
What did you want to be when you were younger? I've wanted to be a fireman, an astronaut and an architect. After work experience at the BBC I thought I wanted to be a cameraman, with lockdown I've found myself mostly in front of the camera instead!
What do you do outside work? I love exploring the world when I can, be that walking, climbing mountains or running marathons. I'm a huge fan of Marvel and Star Wars and I like being creative too, be that photo or video editing, drawing, building things out of clay (and Lego!).
Photo of Lisa Perkins
Photo of Lisa Perkins
Lisa Perkins
Director of Adastral Park and Research Realisation
Key qualifications: Bachelor degree in Maths & Biology. Masters degree in Telecommunications
What does your job involve? My job is amazing! I get to build the very best innovation and science park, to create exciting research and find cutting edge innovations that we can showcase at the park. We work with companies to understand their challenges and to match up the best innovations that will help them.
How did you get into your current role? I joined as a graduate and have had lots of exciting roles. I helped to design the Internet, I created products that meant we can use voice over the internet (like facetime) and I put in the very first superfast broadband technologies (the very first very high speeds!). I have worked as a director of Chief Technology Information Office across all of BT's businesses and helped to deliver innovations to find and deploy innovative solutions.
What did you want to be when you were younger? I grew up and lived in Africa. So, I always fancied being a game warden, keeping elephants safe from poachers! Now with the IoT sensor technology we have in our teams, we can help game wardens track and monitor game of all kinds and help to keep them protected.
What do you do outside work? I love Stand Up Paddleboarding. I recently went paddling in -2°C and came across an 'Eddy Whirlpool' which disrupted my balance and threw me into the water. It's probably the most cold I have been for a while.
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