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Day 3 - People: Diversity & Inclusion

1 - Introduction

Meet Dan and Zainab, our hosts for the day. They will introduce you to today's theme of People, and more specifically the topic of Diversity & Inclusion that we'll be covering with our team of experts from BT and the Centre for Sociodigital Futures (CenSoF):

2 - Diversity & Inclusion with Claire, Shriyansh and Umayr

Photo of Dan
Dan (host): Now we know what we're going to be exploring, let me introduce you to our first industry experts from BT, Claire, Shriyansh and Umayr. They will be talking about how the answer has to be YES to the question of 'can diversity and technology work together'?
Over to you Claire, Shriyansh and Umayr...
Photo of Claire
Photo of Claire
Customer Showcase & Downstreaming Manager, BT.

Key qualifications: A Levels (Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Further Maths), Degree in General Engineering.

What does your job involve? My role involves demonstrating new and innovative technology to BT's customers. This means I spend my day demonstrating technology such as holograms, AR and VR to name just a few.

How did you get into your current role? Whilst I was at university, BT sponsored me through my degree. This led me to do an internship with BT - so I worked with them for one summer. After I graduated, I started to work with BT as a 5G researcher looking at what devices could use 5G, like robotics. After my Graduate Scheme finished I applied for my current role.

What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to be a Lawyer (barrister) when I was younger - because I used to love debating and have always been a very chatty person. I got into engineering because of my love of maths and problem solving.

What do you do outside work? I do a lot of sport - like rowing, running, tennis and squash! I am currently training for a Triathlon. A fun fact about me is that I am a fully trained men's Lacrosse Referee.

Photo of Shriyansh
Photo of Shriyansh
Software Engineer, BT.

Key qualifications: BSc Digital & Technology Solutions.

What does your job involve? I am currently working in the Mobile Networks team, organising data from all across the UK so that we can better understand it and implement changes based on them.

How did you get into your current role? Through BT's apprenticeship program. I enjoyed this role and wanted to carry on with it once my apprenticeship finished.

What did you want to be when you were younger? An actor.

What do you do outside work? I love travelling, whether it's around the UK or around the world, I always find myself exploring new places.

Photo of Umayr
Photo of Umayr
Data Engineer, BT.

Key qualifications: A levels: Arabic, Economics and Politics. Digital & Technology Solutions BSc.

What does your job involve? I work for one of our lovely Data Engineering teams in Data & AI here at BT! My job involves creating data pipelines in Python, playing around with tonnes of data and tinkering with the cloud.

How did you get into your current role? I joined BT straight out of Sixth form right after my A-levels on a degree apprenticeship scheme. During my apprenticeship I studied towards a degree and worked across various teams within Digital, like Transformation, QA & Test and Application support. My final rotation was in the team that I eventually rolled off into as a full time Data Engineer!

What did you want to be when you were younger? A diplomatic translator - I have been multilingual from a young age and had a keen interest in the art of translations across languages.

What do you do outside work? I enjoy playing football and watching various sports like F1, Cricket and Boxing. I am also into my smash burgers!

Photo of Umayr
Umayr: Thanks for watching our video, I hope you've enjoyed learning more about Diversity & Inclusion! We have had some questions submitted relating to this topic in the lead up to British Science Week which are answered below. However, if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. Please email
Questions and answers
What does Diversity & Inclusion mean to you?
student profile
Photo of Claire
Diversity & Inclusion means an environment where thoughts, ideas and perspectives of everyone in the room matter. It's this diverse mix of voices which leads to better discussions and better decisions for every person! It's all about creating a space where you feel comfortable to bring your whole self to work.
Photo of Shriyansh
To me Diversity & Inclusion means encouraging everyone to be who they are by sharing their backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and more. I think this allows everyone to learn from each other and help create an inclusive environment with unique perspectives and thoughts which lead to integration and innovation.
Photo of Umayr
Diversity & Inclusion for me means diversity of thought, which in turn means better technologies that cater for everybody!
Got a question? email

3 - Have a go activities

Photo of Zainab
Zainab (host): Now it's your turn to have a go at today's activities. These will get you learning more about one another in your class through a game and a project. The aim is to help you understand that everybody is different, but we should accept, embrace, and celebrate those differences. Download the activity pack to get step-by-step instructions below...

4 - Career profiles

Photo of Dan
Dan (host): Diversity & Inclusion is about everyone. So we've pulled together some profiles of people who work across BT Group. Click on the button below to discover how varied our people are across the organisation.
See more career profiles...

5 - Centre for Sociodigital Futures

Photo of Zanib
Zainab (host): Meet Marisela from the Centre for Sociodigital Futures (CenSoF), who will take you through how Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can also be biased and what's required to keep AI diverse and inclusive.
Over to you, Marisela...
Photo of Dr Marisela
Photo of Dr Marisela
Dr Marisela
Senior Research Associate, ESRC Centre for Sociodigital Futures (CenSoF).

Key qualifications: Bachelor in Psychology (Mexico), MSc in Interactive Technology (Finland) and PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (Belgium).

What does your job involve? At CenSoF, I explore the range of sociodigital futures that might emerge across different areas of life. I am particularly interested in investigating how AI is woven into our society and applying creative, participatory approaches to support more inclusive futures.

How did you get into your current role? Having an interdisciplinary background has given me the opportunity to work on collaborative research projects. I started in Psychology, which I later combined with Computer Science. Now I also integrate Sociology, Design, and Futures Studies.

What did you want to be when you were younger? A vet! I love animals and thought it was all about caring for cute dogs. I quickly changed my mind when I found out what veterinary medicine actually involves.

What do you do outside work? I enjoy cooking Mexican food using family recipes, spending time in nature, practicing archery, sewing and embroidery.

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