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Welcome to the BT Sustainability Festival

The BT Sustainability Festival took place on 13 September 2023. It showcased how cutting-edge technology can drive sustainability and help achieve net-zero emissions across various industries.

Sustainability across industry

Hosted by BT, this event featured experts and innovators from organisations spanning multiple sectors. From inspiring talks to exciting demonstrations, both physical and virtual attendees had the chance to explore Adastral Park's cutting-edge research and development.


Key macro trends driving ESG & sustainability

Understanding legislation and regulation, while investing in key technology and people is crucial in creating a sustainable future. During the BT Sustainability Festival you'll be able to explore this topic and understand how it can impact your organisation.


Sustainable supply chains

No matter the sector, supply chains play a significant role in how sustainable an organisation is. Through this focus area attendees will be able to dig into how a sustainable supply chain can transform a business or organisation of any size.


Efficient energy and sustainable operations

As the global community seeks to reduce environmental impact, businesses are looking at how innovation and technology can be used to create more sustainable and energy efficient operations.


Replay videos

Catch up on the presentations, panel sessions and shark tank.

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We brought you keynote presentations and fireside chats with some of the top brains and industry leaders in sustainability.

Timetable Speakers


Technology exhibition

Explore how cutting-edge technology being developed by BT and its partners supports and drives a sustainable future across various sectors.

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BT's world-renowned showcase facilities: themed spaces packed with new technology, and the University of Suffolk's Sustainable House project: a vision for the design, build and occupation of sustainable homes.

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Shark tank

Looking to find the next big innovation in sustainability? The BT Sustainability Festival Shark tank event showcased industry-changing solutions for a sustainable future.

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Who supported the BT Sustainability Festival?

Creating a sustainable future will take the combined effort of everybody, not just one organisation. That's why the BT Sustainability Festival was supported by a number of partners and sponsors from across many different sectors.

Cisco | BT

Cisco and BT are developing tools, solutions and services to meet business and sustainability challenges. Find out more at the Sustainability Festival to see how Cisco and BT can support your sustainability challenges and drive best business outcomes through data driven insights.

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Making the festival sustainable

Hosting a large-scale festival about sustainability creates a unique challenge in how to ensure the festival itself is sustainable. Find out what BT and Adastral Park did to address this challenge.

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Previous events

BT and Adastral Park have hosted many technology events over the years, including the Robotics Festival in 2022. Take a look at the highlights video or visit the Robotics Festival page to experience a taste of what the BT Robotics Festival was all about.

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