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The world's largest telematics provider is empowering green mobility

With an extensive reach spanning 150 countries and serving over 47,000 customers, Geotab's telematics solutions have become a driving force in transforming fleets and operations. For more than two decades, Geotab has invested tirelessly in pioneering data research and innovation, setting a new standard in the industry.

Their dedication to enabling partners and customers, including prestigious Fortune 500 companies and public sector organisations, is evident in the power of their transformative technology. Geotab's impact is felt across a staggering 3.6 million connected vehicles, where over 55 billion data points are processed daily. This wealth of information empowers businesses to make better decisions, enhance productivity, ensure fleet safety, and most importantly, pursue their sustainability objectives.

In pursuing a greener tomorrow, Geotab's open platform and expansive Marketplace offer a treasure trove of third-party solution options. Collaboration and openness are the cornerstones of Geotab's approach, leveraging the collective power of data to drive positive change. Fuelling Geotab's vision is an exceptional team of industry-leading data scientists and experts. Their solutions not only address the challenges of today but also illuminate a path towards a more sustainable future. Geotab's commitment goes beyond short-term gains; they are architects of a more eco-conscious and resilient transportation ecosystem for future generations



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