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STEM videos
Welcome to our virtual STEM learning programme.
These short videos explain how we are using computing, science, maths and engineering to help people to communicate and stay connected.
We hope these will help to bring the school curriculum to life and give you a view of what you are learning at school or college is used in the world of work.
Why not start with taking a look at our Purposeful Innovation video to find out a little bit more about what we do?
Please email us at with any feedback or if you have an request for a topic you'd like us to cover.
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Purposeful innovation

Why purposeful innovation is important and what are the real world benefits?

Electromagnetic interference and its impact on broadband

How copper based broadband services are delivered and the impact of electromagnetic interference.

Delivering TV services over the internet

Many digital services are now delivered over the Internet to phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs...

Hashing and cryptography

This short video explains what hashing is in computer science and how it enables us to preserve the integrity of our data.

Data visualisation

This video will focus on data visualisation using visual programming tools like Node-Red...

From holograms to augmented reality

A history of holograms and their modern evolution in technology.

What is quantum key distribution?

An introduction to Quantum Key distribution (QKD). What are quantum keys and how can we use them?

Doing the right thing with data and AI

Why do we see all these pop-ups about website cookies when all we want are Christmas cookies? Is it ok to put someone's email address on Santa's naughty or nice list?

What is AI and what does it mean for us?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is said to have a big impact on every aspect of our lives in the near future. How smart is AI really right now and how much smarter will it become?

Are immersive technologies the future of human interactions?

This talk looks at immersive technologies: Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Everything's on the Internet - including you!

What smart things are already out there in your smart cities, homes and schools? What could the future of IoT include?

An introduction to graphs

Introducing the notion of graphs and how they can be used.

Storing graphs

How are graphs stored for use in algorithms and calculations?

Traversing graphs, part 1

A walkthrough of the depth-first search algorthm.

Traversing graphs, part 2

A walkthrough of the breadth-first search algorthm and a comparison between depth and breadth first search.

Route optimisation

Helping Santa make the best possible Christmas! Delivering millions of packages across the world to demanding deadlines takes careful planning – and clever software.

What is total internal reflection?

A demo showing how total internal reflection makes communicating with optical fibres work.

What is full fibre?

An introduction to how broadband is delivered today and how it is going to be delivered in the future.

What is edge computing?

An introduction to Edge, or Edge Computing, where processing is done at the edge of the network.

What are standing waves?

Demo showing how you can see standing waves and why these matter for communicating with optical fibres.

What is Wi-Fi?

This video outlines some of the physics behind Wi-Fi, its position in the electromagnetic spectrum, factors that affect Wi-Fi signal strength and how it compares to cellular.

Online security

Staying safe online

How will mobile technology change with 5G...

...and how will it help and support future industries?

Connected devices

An introduction to Connected Devices or the Internet of Things (IoT)...

How do computers make decisions?

Logic gates are the basic building blocks of any digital system...

Using connectivity in the smart home

An introduction to smart home devices and the benefits of connecting your home to the network.

How can agile work in a software environment?

A introduction into agile software development and how it can be used practically to create applications.

Video and audio editing

Everything around us is getting more and more media rich...

Home automation and robotics using a Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will provide an introduction to robotics using Python to create a controllable camera on a gimbal made from servos.

British Science Week


Our modern lives come with a huge environmental footprint. How can we reduce this? Could bacteria be part of the solution?

Extended Reality

Ever heard of the Metaverse? From Pokémon GO to Smart Cities, come and see how Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies are revolutionising our lives

Digital Banking

In a world where cash is used less and more transactions are online, what will the bank of the future look like? How do banks stay safe and secure during the digital revolution?


In space, seconds count. Ever heard of LEO, MEO or GEO satellites? Come and see what they are and how they enable faster and smarter connectivity.


Technology is awesome, but only if you can access it effectively... how can we use design to ensure it can be enjoyed by all?

Science: Digital Forensics

Your online footprint is like a crime scene, how can we keep our lives and work secure in the digital world?

Technology: Software & Programming

Your modern digital life has been shaped by the fundamentals set out by historical programmers. Understand how the key programming concepts will stand the test of time.

Engineering: Digital Manufacturing

What do a car, a packet of crisps and a computer all have in common? How would you manufacture something with 25,000 parts and 6,000 assembly steps?

Mathematics: Evolution of Computing

Did you know a USB-C phone charger is more powerful than machines which took humans to the moon? How will supercomputers help unlock the mysteries of our Universe?

STEM in Action: Robotics

Robots underground, zipping through the air and picking strawberries, the robotic trio of the future you never thought you needed...

Cyber security

What will the impact be on the future of cyber security? How do we know what to trust? How can technology help?

Smart cities

Can data make sure that the air we breathe is safe? How can virtual reality, 3D cinema technology and data be used to create a digital twin of Manchester?

Creative media

Go behind the scenes and find out how BT Sport's live 8k 360° immersive sports experience is delivered. How is science an integral part of all live performance?


How are drones being used in our everyday lives? What are their future benefits and possibilities? Can physical artificial intelligence create lifelike robots?

Health & sports science

How can technology support a paramedic? How can technology support a sportsperson in their rehabilitation? How can genetics and DNA affect an athlete's performance?

Norwich Science Festival


Ever wondered how 4 & 5G, broadband and Wi-Fi enable you to chat, message, game and watch TV?

Artificial Intelligence

How robots and autonomous cars learn to see and how this can clean up the planet. Find out how autonomous systems work together and when we should trust them.

Optical Fibre

Full fibre is coming to 25 million homes, but how does it work, how is it deployed and how fast can it go? Be amazed as we introduce you to a whole new way of thinking about glass.


As technology improves what will the future of the healthcare system look like? How is AR and gamification technology helping to reduce very high levels of inhaler misuse?

Climate Change

Can technology really help save the planet? What are all the different ways in which our digital daily lives affect climate change?