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Data visualisation
This video will focus on data visualisation using visual programming tools like Node-Red...
It will be showing how Node-RED can be used to import files like spreadsheets into different formats which make it then easier to display data in graphs/charts. It will also show how Node-RED makes it easier to make use of data from Connected Devices.
Added: July 2020.
Suggested age range: 13+
Questions and answers
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Curriculum links
Data and information   »   Representation   »   ASCII and Unicode
Data and information   »   Databases   »   managing data
Data and information   »   Big data   »   functional programming for big data
Computer networks   »   The internet   »   Client server technologies
Computer systems   »   Boolean logic   »   What is Boolean logic?
Computer systems   »   Hardware   »   Input devices
Computer systems   »   Hardware   »   Environmental effects
Computer systems   »   Programming languages   »   High level
Programming fundamentals   »   Concepts   »   Data types
Programming fundamentals   »   GUIs   »   Event driven paradigm
Programming fundamentals   »   GUIs   »   JavaScript
Programming paradigms   »   Procedural and structured programming   »   Thinking ahead
Software project   »   Design
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