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BT Apprentice Opportunity event - 2 October 2019
Published: 12 Sep 2019
Adastral Park will be hosting two BT Apprentice opportunity events on 2 October 2019.
Tommy Flowers conference is coming!
Published: 3 Sep 2019
The autumn conference takes place on 15th - 16th Oct and will focus on Health Longevity.
BT Apprenticeship roles available at Adastral Park
Published: 9 Aug 2019
Know someone ready for one of BT's degree-apprenticeships?
Innovation Martlesham Welcomes nOink
Published: 1 Aug 2019
Health tech newcomer nOink offers a system for families to manage rare conditions. nOink puts your health data in your hands.
Vlocity Brings The Industry Cloud To The Innovation Martlesham
Published: 1 Aug 2019
Vlocity Joins the IM cluster at Adastral Park
BT win big with AI projects
Published: 18 Jul 2019
BT researchers score a hat-trick at this year’s Computing AI and Machine Learning Awards.
UrbanScan is delighted to join Innovation Martlesham
Published: 10 Jul 2019
Innovation Martlesham welcomes its first Israeli startup UrbanScan, who have chosen Adastral Park as the best location to develop and grow their business in the UK.
BT's BetaLab presents 'Rapid AI Deployment' at KubeCon 2019
Published: 28 Jun 2019
BT Applied Researcher's help take the sting out of making AI ready for the cloud.
Suffolk Show 2019 gets inspired by Adastral Park
Published: 7 Jun 2019
The Adastral Park marquee attracts thousands of visitors in it's second year at the Suffolk Show.
Outstanding Innovation award at TM forum
Published: 21 May 2019
BT researchers win, 'Outstanding Catalyst Innovation' award for their 'Digital Business Marketplace' concept.
Adastral Park helps GS go Digitally Native
Published: 21 May 2019
Vendors attending Adastral Hackathon help create DigiCo, a key component in BT Global Services' vision to reinvent itself as a digital organisation.
Nicky in conversation with... Andy Dawes
Published: 20 May 2019
In this latest 'In Conversation with...' podcast, Innovation Martlesham's Nicky Daniels speaks to Andy Dawes of Frame.
BT leads project to create IoT marketplace
Published: 14 May 2019
BT lead project shows how companies can easily access commercial internet of things (IoT) products to benefit their business.
BT and Innovation Martlesham will return to Suffolk Show
Published: 16 Apr 2019
BT has announced it will be joining the Suffolk Show (29 – 30 May 2019) for a second year with its innovative BT sponsored marquee.
Smart cycling trial en route to Adastral
Published: 10 Apr 2019
BT Research and tech company See.Sense will provide Adastral trialists with IoT bike lights as part of big data trial.
Google I/O live stream at Adastral Park
Published: 8 Apr 2019
Registration now open - Coderus and Innovation Martlesham will host the Google I/O live stream at Adastral Park on 7th May!
£6.5M for Adsatral research and training centre
Published: 3 Apr 2019
Adastral Park will partner with the University of Suffolk to create a training centre for local students and apprentices at the park.
iTrinegy joins the Innovation Martlesham Business Club
Published: 2 Apr 2019
iTrinegy is very pleased to be joining the Innovation Martlesham Business Club.
BT working with European cities on smart cycling
Published: 29 Mar 2019
Dublin, Antwerp and Manchester will gather fresh insights into cycling through a new project with BT's IoT data hub, and IoT smart lighting.
Jobs@Adastral career fair
Published: 28 Mar 2019
We're opening our doors to the public on 24 April: find out about the exciting career opportunities in technology available at Adastral Park!
Quantum network link launched at Adastral Park
Published: 27 Mar 2019
BT and ADVA amongst partners to launch QKD secured network link.
BT and Jangala provide Wi-Fi to crisis situations
Published: 19 Mar 2019
BT has partnered with Innovation Martlesham tech start-up Jangala to provide internet connectivity to refugees and others in crisis situations.
Staylists - From Suffolk to The States
Published: 11 Mar 2019
Chris Waters, Co Founder and CTO at IM's Staylists, will be speaking at the upcoming 14th edition of RailsConf in Minneapolis this April.
Inawisdom at BT Tower augmented intelligence event
Published: 5 Feb 2019
Innovation Martlesham's Inawisdom provide insight on the future of Augmented Intelligence at BT Tower.
Computational Thinking for Year 3s (7-8 year olds)
Published: 31 Jan 2019
During January 1000 + students aged between 7-8 years old attend workshops held by BT volunteers at Adastral Park.
Coderus partner with Ipswich maker community
Published: 31 Jan 2019
Ipswich maker community to benefit from new partnership with Coderus
In the press - Robots dance 'Baby Shark'
Published: 17 Jan 2019
Otley School Robo Club pupils put on a robotic performance of 'Baby Shark' for Adastral volunteers.
Inawisdom - Machine Learning and Automated Model Retraining
Published: 15 Jan 2019
Innovation Martlesham company, Inawisdom, battle 'model drift' using Amazon Web Services.
Nicky in conversation with... Alan Jones
Published: 9 Jan 2019
Alan Jones, IM Tech Mentor and founder of software company Nerostorm, chats AI and Cyber.
In the press - Cyber security at Adastral Park
Published: 7 Jan 2019
BT's Ben Azvine hosts reporters at Adastral Park and speaks about the future of Cyber Security.
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