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Knowledge Call - Staying ahead of the Threat
Published: 27 November 2023
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This session was hosted by Adastral Presents in collaboration with our Innovation Hubs and was streamed live from the Knight Studio in Adastral Park, Suffolk. Adastral Park is home to BT Labs the heart of BT's research, development and innovation since 1974.

Watch the below videos to hear from two of BT’s thought leaders on security, Dave Harcourt and Dr Ben Azvine. They were presenting what we are currently doing to protect BT and our competitors and also went into what our amazing researches are doing to secure our digital futures.

Dave Harcourt, BT
Dave is a highly experienced Cyber Security Director influencing strategy in cyber security within BT, telecoms industry, and across UK government. Responsible for setting security direction across BT and driving security automation in a mission to make security simple and easy to implement and manage. Dave leads the teams responsible for BT’s Security Enterprise Architecture, Secure by Design consultancy, security transformation stories and industry security engagement.
Dave talks about how modern security architectures protect the digital world and reflect on the important part we all have to play in that.

Dr Ben Azvine, BT
Ben leads the global cyber security research programme in BT. He is responsible for setting direction and strategy for security research, identifying innovation opportunities and leading a strong international team of researchers to develop new capabilities in collaboration with industrial and academic partners.
During this talk Ben covers technological challenges and opportunities that the developing cyber environment will present, covering technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and quantum computing.

Questions and Answers

What are BT's Innovation Hubs?
They are collaboration hubs for end users, industry bodies, academia and technology solution providers to innovate and co-create digital solutions that will drive the necessary pace and scale of change required to meet the sector challenges of tomorrow. It is an open innovation approach whereby BT can bring its world-renowned technical research and innovation expertise along with its global set of academic and commercial partnerships and combine them with end-user opportunities and challenges within the specific chosen sectors.

If you are not already a member of an Innovation Hub and wish to find out more about current Hubs follow the link below to find out more and signup!
Digital Industries Hub : website.
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