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Education & skills

Education & skills

We are building a brilliant ecosystem to help solve global challenges. The most important ingredient for this build is people. We are passionate about inspiring and nurturing people to work on the technologies for the future and create a successful and positive impact for society.

Here is some feedback we've received from students and teachers who have attended some of our recent events:

"I didn't think I was any good at computing but look what I've achieved"
"Children are enthusiastic to learn more about programming. They now feel it is something they can achieve, rather than something that is too hard"
"For some [children] it changed what they thought computing could do"
"Pupils are much more excited about using tech and they can see why they are learning the skills they are at school"
"Children all enjoyed the session and motivated to learn more"
"Event was brilliantly run & organised - my class were fully engaged for the whole session"

We have created some short case studies from teachers, BT apprentices and BT graduates. Read about how they have all been inspired by the BT Education and Skills team based at Adastral Park.

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This Adastral Park Education & Skills Newsletter brings you the top-level news from each member of our education & skills team in one place. See the latest information on:

  • Face-to-face and online events
  • Links to lots of other resources
  • Life at work & work experience
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Previous online events

Take a look through some of our previous virtual events, including British Science Weeks, which are packed full of exciting online content including videos, activity packs, profile cards, Q&As and loads more!

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STEM videos

Explore our selection of STEM-based videos, from topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Wi-Fi with some holograms and a bit of quantum sprinkled in for good measure.

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Teacher zone

Here you will find online resources that will enable you to support STEM related lessons, continue your own personal development and opportunities to engage your students.

Life at work

Life at work experiences

Transitioning from school to work is one of the biggest steps we have to take in life. What if you could meet apprentices and graduates who have just done this, encounter a work place for real and find out more about BT and Adastral Park at the source? Have a look at our Work and Insights Experience options and register interest.



Find out about opportunities for apprenticeships and graduate careers at Adastral Park. Get some top tips on how to prepare for online and face-to-face interviews.