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Photo of Nicky Daniels
Photo of Nicky Daniels
Nicky Daniels
Head of Innovation Martlesham
Innovation Martlesham is an ecosystem of high-tech ICT/Digital companies that offers an unrivalled set-up for innovative and forward-thinking technology companies.

Headquartered at Adastral Park in Suffolk, UK, our ecosystem has a significant membership of globally-located, multinational, SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), scale-up and start-up businesses who each benefit from the collaborative network and the exciting opportunities we facilitate.

We work with the businesses within our ecosystem to understand what's important to them, facilitate connections with other likeminded companies and help propel the ideas of today into the innovations of tomorrow.

No matter whether a company has a physical presence at our HQ, our ecosystem is designed to help them achieve their goals.

Innovation Martlesham
We make connections that count for like-minded ICT/Digital businesses and experts

With support and regular engagement from Innovation Martlesham's professional and dedicated central team and a range of extraordinary resources, our ecosystem provides a world of opportunity.

Circa 150 companies
in the Innovation Martlesham cluster
Latest news from Innovation Martlesham

IM Welcomes GCH Test & Computer Services LTD

Published: 30 Oct 2023
'We are absolutely delighted to join the Innovation Martlesham community and look forward bringing more leading technology solutions to IM and its affiliated associations & partners.'

Mvine partners with TrustID

Published: 4 Jul 2023
Leading orchestration service provider Mvine Limited has partnered with TrustID Limited, experts in digital identity validation technology (IDVT), to deliver a new range of digital identity services suitable for everyone, no matter their documentation.

Mvine partners with Digidentity to deliver Digital Identity Verification securely at pace

Published: 4 Jul 2023
Orchestration service provider Mvine Ltd and identity service provider Digidentity have agreed to partner to make a range of digital identity verification services available securely at pace in a new way, by prioritising speed and affordability. The move reinforces the go-to-market strategy of both Mvine and Digidentity to scale up their respective commercial activities in the B2B market in UK and beyond.

Thales showcase opportunity at Adastral Park

Published: 17 Mar 2023
IM Company Thales, an industry leader in data security and a BT partner, help organisations to secure their sensitive data wherever it resides.

Reply's Showcase Opportunity

Published: 2 Feb 2023
IM Company, Reply, presented their company at Adastral Park last month

Acuity Robotics enjoys the Robotics Festival

Published: 19 Jan 2023
Acuity Robotics was one of the Innovation Martlesham companies that exhibited and pitched to the BT Robotics Festival in November 2022. Our robots were also seen on the Showcase tours and now have a permanent presence.
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