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Connected devices
An introduction to Connected Devices or the Internet of Things (IoT)...
This video will explain what is IoT, how IoT works, why the number of devices connected to the internet is growing exponentially, what are some real-world example of IoT, and finally walk you through a BT IoT system under construction.
Added: July 2020.
Suggested age range: 13+
Questions and answers
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Curriculum links
GCSE to A level transition   »   Networking   »   LAN and WAN
Data and information   »   Number bases   »   data storage
Data and information   »   Databases   »   managing data
Data and information   »   Big data   »   functional programming for big data
Computer networks   »   Networking   »   Topologies
Computer networks   »   Networking hardware   »   network hardware devices
Computer networks   »   The internet   »   TCP/IP stack
Computer systems   »   Boolean logic   »   What is boolean logic?
Computer systems   »   Hardware   »   What is a computer?
Computer systems   »   Hardware   »   Environmental effects
Computer systems   »   Operating Systems and s/w   »   Software definitions
Computer systems   »   Operating Systems and s/w   »   Computers in the workplace
Computer systems   »   Programming languages   »   High level
Programming Fundamentals   »   Concepts   »   Data types
Programming Fundamentals   »   GUIs   »   JavaScript
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