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At TCS, we empower businesses to build sustainable futures with an ecosystem approach

As proud winners of the ESG Initiative of the Year 2023 award, at TCS our thrust is on reducing carbon footprint, using renewable energies, and focusing on a regenerative approach to business. And we strongly believe that sustainability is a collective goal requiring us all to work together. The way forward is to use the power of technology and innovation to pioneer new, sustainable opportunities and take an ecosystem-led approach to build greater futures. The TCS COIN™ network that comprises academia, start-ups, and business partners, focuses on social innovation and sustainability initiatives that impact people at the grassroots.

Put your sustainability strategy into action. Whether it's measuring progress on your sustainability efforts, automating, and scaling them, or de-risking your investments, our comprehensive sustainability focused solutions can help. Explore our solutions such as the award-winning TCS Clever Energy, which enables organizations to ensure energy and cost efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and decrease carbon emissions, or the TCS ENVIROZONE™ which is a cloud-based, one-stop suite of solutions for organizations to track and mitigate supplier-sourcing risks and improve procurement decisions for a sustainable supply chain.



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